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DaklaPack Group: Empowering Packaging Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Dave Klaassen | DaklaPack Group

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, the need for sustainable and customized packaging solutions has become paramount. As healthcare products and medications become more diverse and specialized, there is a growing demand for packaging that not only ensures product integrity and safety but is also Eco-friendly and minimizes environmental impact. Recognizing this crucial need, DaklaPack Group has emerged as a leading force in providing innovative packaging solutions tailored to the unique requirements of healthcare clients.

DaklaPack’s unwavering dedication to meeting client needs is deeply rooted in its commitment to innovation. By investing in cutting-edge technology and adopting environmentally responsible practices, the company ensures that its packaging solutions not only safeguard healthcare products but also reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Additionally, DaklaPack understands that each client in the healthcare industry has distinct packaging requirements. From assisting them in the (technical) design of their collection kit to the procurement of materials, the company recognizes the importance of delivering customized solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of every client. By nurturing long-term relationships, DaklaPack collaborates closely with its clients, gaining invaluable insights into their unique challenges and goals. This collaborative approach enables DaklaPack to develop tailor-made packaging solutions that enhance product safety, efficiency and brand representation.

Under the leadership of Dave Klaassen, the CEO, DaklaPack has grown its global presence and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the United States, serving healthcare clients on an international scale. The company’s extensive network and vast expertise allow for seamless collaboration and efficient delivery of packaging solutions, regardless of geographical location.

In an era where sustainable and customized packaging is pivotal to the success of healthcare companies, DaklaPack Group stands as a trusted partner, dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the industry. Through its unwavering commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction, DaklaPack continues to redefine the standards of healthcare packaging, ensuring that products are protected, the environment is respected, and clients’ expectations are surpassed.

Let’s dive in to learn about DaklaPack’s innovative operations in empowering flexible packaging products and staying at the forefront of the packaging industry.

DaklaPack Group in Brief

The DaklaPack Group, founded in 1975, is a Netherlands-based company that specializes in packaging and packaging solutions. It primarily serves the food, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company initially started as a small-scale distributor of plastic bags, but over the years, it has expanded its product offerings to include a wide range of packaging materials, medical shipping solutions, (medical) kitting and services.

DaklaPack’s mission revolves around providing innovative, high-quality packaging solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs. It focuses on delivering exceptional customer service, fostering long-term relationships, and continuously investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of the packaging industry.

The DaklaPack Group operates internationally, with several subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the United States. DaklaPack is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which is reflected in the team’s efforts to minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

Climbing the Ladder

DaklaPack’s transition into the healthcare field was driven by several innovations and patented products that the team developed in the early 2010s. The company’s Rigid Safety Bag, which combines a leakproof bag with absorption material and a rigid layer, allows for medical specimens to be shipped via the postal and parcel networks inside of a small flexible mailer instead of the traditional cardboard box. This makes that specimen can be shipped more cost-effective, easier and safer.

In addition, the packaging solution can be easily and quickly opened by the receiver (often medical laboratories). “It were innovations like these that drove us into the medical field, and primarily the at-home specimen collection market. Our core business changed from packaging supplies to medical kitting and 3PL services,” adds Klaassen.

Packaging Products and Solutions

DaklaPack specializes in high-quality packaging products and solutions for various industries, primarily in the medical field, food packaging and industrial packaging. Its focus in the food and industrial fields is on niche products, often the more technical solutions. “For example, we have developed a disposable bioreactor that is currently used in potato cultivation. These type of projects is what we specialize in,” says Klaassen.

DaklaPack specializes in high-quality packaging products and solutions for various industries, primarily in the medical field, food packaging and industrial packaging. Its focus in the food and industrial fields is on niche products, often the more technical solutions. “For example, we have developed a disposable bioreactor that is currently used in potato cultivation. These type of projects is what we specialize in,” says Klaassen.

“For most of our kitting clients, we assist in the (technical) design of their collection kit and the procurement of materials. We can assemble kits on three continents and provide warehousing and order fulfillment services. In Europe, we also operate a medical laboratory, which can be leveraged by our kitting customers who want to expand their operations into Europe.”

Production Process at DaklaPack

“The details of the production process differ for each market we operate in, but if we focus on the medical kitting segment, we apply a hybrid project management method. We have seen this is the most effective approach to managing the complexity of kitting projects, which includes various process flows,” explains Klaassen. Partnering with reliable motorcycle movers can significantly enhance the efficiency of your logistics, ensuring safe and timely delivery of specialized vehicles.

“From the start we apply a consultative approach, enabling our customers to utilize our vast experience and know-how in the design of their products and processes. We typically have several brainstorming sessions with our clients after which our team produced several samples of the various kit concepts our customers are interested in. Once a final design has been determined we work out a quotation, which typically includes all related costs to having these kits made, stored and shipped.”

He continues, “After the order is placed, we procure and produce all required components and schedule kit assembly. Simultaneously our IT team helps to enable our customers to integrate with our ordering systems, through APIs or web portals. Once the first kits have been assembled and shipped, we usually enter an ongoing process in which we keep in close contact with our customer to ensure operations run smoothly and as expected.”

Attaining International Standards

DaklaPack has its facilities and procedures certified to international standards such as ISO9001; ISO27001; FSSC22000 and is in the process of obtaining ISO13485 certification on its US and European facilities.

Setting Apart from Others in the Market

DaklaPack differentiates itself from other healthcare packaging companies through a strong commitment to sustainability, customization, advanced technology, regulatory compliance and exceptional customer service. The company prioritizes eco-friendly packaging solutions, using recycled materials and minimizing waste throughout production. Its design team collaborates with clients to create unique, tailored packaging that meets their specific needs. It invests in cutting-edge technologies to optimize production processes and enhance product capabilities. “Our experts stay up-to-date on industry regulations, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and guidelines. With dedicated account managers, we offer personalized, responsive service, fostering smooth communication throughout the entire project life cycle. These core values set us apart and deliver unparalleled value to our clients in the healthcare industry,” adds Klaassen.

Overcoming Challenges

For DaklaPack. the biggest challenge by far is to keep healthcare affordable and accessible. “Our goal is to help our customers to provide safe, efficient and affordable at-home self-sampling diagnostics tests. At-home sample collection takes away barriers and allows people to get tested whenever it best suits their schedule, in the safety of their home. As there is no need for medical professionals to be involved with the specimen collection this also reduces the overall costs of diagnostic tests,” emphasizes Klaassen. In the medical packaging field, sustainability also presents challenges. Safe and robust packaging and sustainability can be tricky to balance, especially in the medical field. When compared to the food and industrial sectors changes usually take much longer in the medical field as changes need to be thoroughly validated before being put into effect. “To move to a more sustainable way to pack sterile medical products and at the same time not negatively affect the properties of the product, while keeping the costs down as much as possible will be a big challenge for the coming years,” he adds.

Client Testimonial

“DaklaPack is a steadfastly reliable and trustworthy strategic partner. We discovered DaklaPack in mid-2019 while sourcing kitting components. During that introductory meeting, Sander and the team proactively shared invaluable kitting, sample tracking, and fulfillment advice! That left an indelible, positive impression, leading to our formalizing a multi-year supplier relationship in Dec. 2019. DaklaPack has a collaborative, agile business culture and a devotion to operational precision and service excellence. They have invested considerable time and resources to ensure our success in crucial ways, including JIT (just-in-time) B2C single unit and B2B case kitting, API order/fulfillment data integration, cutting-edge kit and sample tracking, cost-effective component sourcing, and next-generation technology buildouts; all of which are scale-ready. As importantly, Sander and the team are always friendly, supportive, and rapidly responsive which says a lot given our small company size. As I think back over the last two years building MySimplePetLab, partnering with DaklaPack is one of our best decisions and we remain truly grateful to have their ongoing business and thought partnership. ”

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