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Deciphex: Revolutionizing Pathology Through Tech Acceleration

Deciphex | Donal O'Shea
Deciphex | Donal O'Shea

In 2022, there are fewer practising pathologists, who have to perform more frequent and more complex reviews. Any business that can speed up processes and simultaneously enhance confidence in outcomes must be included in our list of the 10 Best Companies in Digital Pathology Market 2022.

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In 2022, pathology has suffered a perfect storm. There are fewer practising pathologists. They have to perform more frequent and more complex reviews. Delays jeopardize drug development programs. Haste jeopardizes patient outcomes.

Any business that can speed up processes and simultaneously enhance confidence in outcomes must be included in our list of the 10 Best Companies in Digital Pathology Market 2022.

To understand what Deciphex has been able to achieve, and how it got here, Insights Care sat down with Donal O’Shea, Founder and CEO of Deciphex.

In 20 years in the field, Donal has dedicated his journey to harnessing technology to empower innovations in modern healthcare. A few years ago, he set out to assemble a team that shares his vision of making a significant impact on the healthcare sector.

The Route to Innovation

Donal O’Shea and Mark Gregson established Deciphex in 2017 after recognizing a shortcoming in the pathology sector. It struck them that the common one-size-fits-all approach to digital pathology was inadequate.

Donal and Mark were especially concerned that workflows standardized across all segments of the marketplace. They believed this was unhelpful when needs across sectors were very different.

Ingrained practices were failing to mitigate shortages of pathology services. They felt that enabling extra-organizational collaborations could alleviate the issue, and be of much greater benefit in supporting organizations.

“The advent of AI and a vision of an AI-integrated workflow for pathology service enhancement was very close to our thinking,” stated Donal.

Pathology’s Critical Role in Positive Patient Outcomes

“Certainty and reliability are vital aspects of pathology. This has been proven time and again. More than 70 percent of all the clinical decisions made around a patient’s diagnosis involve pathology, making it an integral part of the healthcare system.

Even with gradual advancements, this approach was inadequate to meet numerous emerging challenges. Chronic issues in Pathology such as burgeoning patient wait times, recruitment, demand for expertise and diagnostic complexity necessitated an innovative solution for optimal patient care.”

Demanding Times Demand Increased Productivity

Deciphex saw the need to improve pathologist productivity – and recognized Digital Pathology and AI as the solution.

“The use of digital pathology (workload balancing) and artificial intelligence (process acceleration) will be critical to solving current shortfalls in pathology services.”

Today, Deciphex is a revolutionary digital pathology company at the forefront of this innovative technology.

Deciphex networks with pathologists from all corners of the globe to drive high-quality and efficient reporting, all while addressing the pathology productivity gap with digital pathology and AI.

Transforming Pathology By Empowering AI

Donal stated, “The Deciphex vision is to transform or re-platform pathology using Digital Pathology and AI with an aim to deliver AI-empowered pathology services, where and when they are needed.”

The use of digital pathology (workload balancing) and Artificial Intelligence (process acceleration) will be a critical part of the solution for shortfalls in pathology services.

Deciphex is at the forefront of this revolution, networking with pathologists from all corners of the globe to drive high-quality, efficient reporting while addressing the pathology productivity gap with digital pathology and AI. The result of this focus is the Patholytix platform and Diagnexia online pathology service.


Integrate Workflows, Accelerate Research – The Single Go-To Platform for Research Pathology Professionals

Patholytix is the industry-leading digital pathology workflow and integrated AI platform for Research Pathology. The leading CROs and pharmaceutical companies trust Patholytix for handling high-volume drug safety pathology studies, providing a complete GLP-compliant workflow with integrated AI screening capabilities.


Remote Expert Subspecialty Pathology on Demand

Diagnexia is an online clinical pathology department by Deciphex. Diagnexia provides on-demand access to remote subspecialty pathologists for primary diagnostics and secondary consult services, supporting the acceleration of diagnostic turnaround times and delivery of the highest quality of patient care.

Focus on Delivering High-Value Services

Rather than simply servicing enterprise digital pathology needs, Deciphex is all about connecting organizations. Deciphex focuses on building high-value extraorganizational networks of service providers who can deliver value to stakeholders in dire need of pathology service expansion.

Donal asserts, “Our AI-empowered networks mean our extra-organizational networks are delivering greater efficiency and quality than non-AI empowered equivalents.”

Expanding Jurisdiction by Integrating Digitalization

By building digital networks, Deciphex provides real-time access to quality pathology services for international referring laboratories and organizations. Client organizations can expand a particular jurisdiction’s pathology capacity by ‘digitally repatriating’ pathologists who are registered to practice in that region but who live in a different country.

“In research pathology, we are enabling connectivity between Pharma, CROs, and an external Consultant network to smooth out the logistics of moving physical research studies between stakeholders, saving weeks in the qualification of drug safety in Pharma trials,” adds Donal.

Emphasis on Digitalization

It is critical for healthcare providers to be able to connect dynamically with an external landscape of telehealth service providers such as Deciphex. The advent of high-quality digital pathology scanning equipment allows these digital ‘sockets’ to be created in the clinical landscape.

The Diagnexia solution empowers labs to produce a digital substrate that can be rapidly and securely outsourced, with collaboration and involvement of Clinical IS and IT teams to adjudicate the quality, security and integrity of such telehealth solutions.

Saving Lives by Accelerating Drug Development

“This is an amazing sector to work in,” states Donal. “We are so motivated and excited by the quality of meaningful problems we are solving for the clinical and research communities.”

He believes that through the medium of Deciphex, they are genuinely saving lives by accelerating drug discovery and by providing high-quality, timely diagnoses for its clinical partners.

Futuristic Approach

Deciphex recently launched its Diagnexia clinical consult service in the US last fall offering access to a fantastic roster of world-renowned pathologists, which is comparable if not exceeding the quality of any single institution’s team.

Beyond this, it will be rapidly developing its presence in the UK and Canada and expanding market coverage in the Middle East.

Exceptional Leadership

Donal is an experienced corporate officer in the technology and diagnostics sectors, having 20 years of business leadership experience from start-up through to large corporate enterprise. Donal has considerable M&A expertise. He has founded three companies and has senior management experience in Slidepath, Genetix, Leica Microsystems and Leica Biosystems.

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