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Dentist warns of Vaping Leads to Dry Mouth, Taste loss and Vape Tongue


Regular vapers are being cautioned by a dentist about a risky tendency he has noticed in his patients.

TikTok users are urged to watch out for “vape tongue” in a video that UK cosmetic dentist Dr. Stewart Beggs posted there.

“Vape tongue is when you start to lose your taste because you’ve been vaping so much and this is really on the rise because of the popularity of these disposable vapes, which have all these ridiculous flavours,” he said.

He explained that excessive vape usage, along with the nicotine they contain, can lead to dry mouth that is so bad some people begin to lose their sense of taste.

Beggs continued by saying that the situation was exceedingly harmful to users’ health.

Further stating he added that prolonged dry mouth can result in tooth decay.

Reducing vaping, drinking more water, and maintaining your dental care routine are all part of the treatment for the illness. The startling information was revealed after Lucy Turchin, 35, revealed to in May that she turned to vaping in the belief that it was a risk-free substitute for smoking. Four months after using a vaporizer for the first time, she sensed something wasn’t right with her breathing.

Turchin expressed her worries to several doctors, wondering if she had lung problems and whether they were related to vaping.

Even though nothing was seen in her X-ray scans, doctors believed that vaping was harmless and diagnosed her with anxiety.

“As my symptoms worsened, I became more and more depressed,” Turchin said.

When Turchin gave up vaping, her symptoms had vanished after six months, and she felt like she was rebuilding her life.

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