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Diabetes Australia Appreciates Government’s Initiative to Reduce Cost of Many More Medications

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The recent announcement by the Albanese Government to extend the availability of two-month prescriptions for 24 diabetes medicines, including Metformin and Forxiga, is welcomed by Diabetes Australia. This change is expected to result in substantial savings of up to $189 per medicine for individuals managing diabetes.

Diabetes Australia Acting Group CEO, Taryn Black, emphasized the positive impact this decision will have on individuals and families dealing with the complexities of diabetes, easing the financial burden associated with multiple medications required to manage the condition and associated health issues.

Many individuals facing diabetes also contend with additional expenses related to blood pressure, heart disease, or mental health treatments, making this initiative a significant relief amidst cost-of-living challenges.

Rick Parsons, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 39 following two heart attacks, relies on daily medication to manage his condition. For the past 15 years, he has been taking Forxiga and Metformin, possibly for life. The extension to 60-day prescriptions means fewer trips to the pharmacy and GP, saving both time and money. Parsons stresses the importance of the right medication for managing type 2 diabetes and welcomes any opportunity to save on prescriptions.

His wife, Michelle Jewels-Parsons, also lives with type 2 diabetes and manages multiple medications daily. Diabetes Australia commends the Government for reallocating savings from reforms to support pharmacies, recognizing their vital role in providing health advice and assistance to those living with diabetes.

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