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Dominant Leaders to watch in Healthcare, 2021

Dr Devlina Chakravarty: A Leading Name in the Indian Healthcare Space
The Indian healthcare space has endured a debilitating period that levied innumerable challenges upon every individual associated to the industry. Hospitals and healthcare service providers had to strive day in and day out to provide medical aid and care to all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic....

Issue Profile

Dr Chytra V
Dr Chytra V. Anand: Remodelling the Cosmetic Dermatology Space by Leveraging Contemporary Technology
With the changing environment, climatic conditions, modern lifestyle, and food habits, our skin goes...
Harish Manian | CEO | MGM Healthcare
Harish Manian: Leveraging Technology to Deliver Unerring Healthcare
Some people make life choices by themselves, whereas for some it comes as a blessing in disguise. Being...
Liz Ashall-Payne | CEO | ORCHA
Liz Ashall-Payne: Making Healthcare Accessible through Improvised Innovation
The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown changed the face of every industry. While the healthcare...
Mohit Malhotra | CEO | Dabur
Mohit Malhotra: Immunising India with the Power of Ayurveda
The rise in COVID-19 cases indicates the second wave in India. The death rate due to COVID-19 has been...