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Dr. Jim Hyland – Revolutionizing the Landscape of Oral Care

Jim Hyland

Being an early adopter of treatments, monitoring, and implementing the latest research and techniques in oral care, Dr. Jim Hyland began his professional journey when he realized that 85% of new patients that he sees, have gums that bleed when touched after seeing their dental professional. Dr. Jim found it unacceptable and knew that the consequences could be dire, as bad oral health puts patients at risk for several health problems. He questioned himself if physicians can predictably cure ear and bladder infections, so why can’t dental professionals do the same for gum disease, bad breath, and peri-implantitis?

Aiming to seek a solution to the health concern led Dr. Jim to co-found OraVital Inc. The organization aims to provide dental and medical practitioners with the most advanced and effective nonsurgical solutions for detecting and treating gum disease and bad breath.

Cementing himself as one of the influential leaders in the dental care sector, garnering over four decades of experience, Dr. Jim aims to help dental professionals effectively and predictably control and even cure periodontal disease.

Let’s dive in to learn about Dr. Jim’s tactics in leading dental care effectively.

Dr. Jim is Dedicated to the Dental Profession

After graduating from the University of Toronto (69-72 BSc 72-76 DDS), Dr. Jim started his dental practice. Widely known as Dr. Hygienist, he has been an educator at several institutions, including the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry, Seneca College, George Brown College, as well as being a member of North York Hospital’s Dental Department. He often lectures internationally and writes on various topics related to the link between oral wellness/overall health and diagnostic, interceptive, and nonsurgical periodontal care.

Respected for his professionalism and dedication to the dental profession, Dr. Jim has served on numerous boards and committees of his local society for over three decades while serving two terms as president.

Treating the Bacterial Cause of Disease—a New Approach to Care

Dr. Jim states that his ability to reach the public is limited as a single dentist. However, OraVital can engage dental professionals to adopt a new medical model of care, focusing on the bacterial cause of the disease vs. only treating the symptoms (scale and stain removal). He says, “We focus care on the patient’s individual response to their pathogens, effectively treating the pathogens that cause disease and preventing the development of even more severe health outcomes. Everyone wins!”

It took a new set of tools to identify these pathogens and to treat them.  OraVital invested in developing a new oral biofilm test coupled with a new antibiotic rinses that target the whole mouth’s biofilm. The OraVital System allows dental professionals (and their clients) to predictably help patients cure and control their gum disease in a few weeks with a treatment success rate of over 90%!

The OraVital System can deliver an 80% reduction in Bleeding on Probing (BOP), and 80% of all pockets will shrink in two weeks when its System is followed. “We know that patients want individualized wellness care. Our System is scalable and works in every practice environment and configuration. We have shown that the OraVital System improves not only patient health outcomes but also improves patient engagement by up to 300%. Patients will be engaged and see quick results. This encourages more visits and referrals. Everyone wins.” adds Dr. Jim.

OraVital System is the Key to Treatment

The OraVital System is used by dentists from all over North America and the world. Its system allows clinics to offer a highly personalized service to patients at scale. Clinics that provide the OraVital System can see up to a 300% increase in the average lifetime value of patients who use its System with increased hygiene visits and new procedures to market and perform where insurance payments are not as critical. Also, referrals for predictable care improve everyone’s bottom line!

Dr. Jim says, “Our System combines a service and a line of treatment products. We start with an analysis of a patient’s oral biofilm using our BiofilmDNA test. Based on the pathogen profile and clinical observations made by the clinician, we suggest treatments that include our unique and highly-effective OraVital targeted antibiotic rinse and spit delivery system.”

When following our methodology, OraVital’s oral rinses are guaranteed to treat the conditions our personalized report identifies successfully. The combination of these two products, testing, and oral antibiotic rinses, allows clinics to offer a highly scalable, personalized oral health care service, with guaranteed results and satisfied patients.”

The OraVital propriety rinses have been shown to effectively treat conditions such as periodontal disease, oral malodor (halitosis), and periodontitis1, 2. The Metronidazole containing rinses have been shown to enhance neutrophil-mediated killing off the main disease-causative agent present in the biofilm of periodontitis patients1. “We have had many patients, and clinics write to us in gratitude for offering an effective treatment for hard-to-treat halitosis,” adds Dr. Jim.

Overall, the revolution is in how the OraVital System makes it easy for the clinic to administer and for the patient to engage with, while providing superior health outcomes. It helps clinics and Dental Service Organizations add a highly scalable and effective new line of business that increases the average patient value by 300% or more while also providing patients with superior personalized care, guaranteed to effectively treat many common conditions.

Exploring the Next Generation Oral Health

OraVital is continuously investing in innovation and quality improvements. It recently undertook a complete transformation of its laboratory practices and clinical report. OraVital has partnered with a leading CLIA/CAP-certified laboratory in California, USA, to analyze its samples and help them offer clients (and their patients) an even better service experience. Its new report and client portal enhances the patient experience and makes it easier for clinics to order tests and receive reports.

Dr. Jim adds, “We are working on our next generation of oral health tests, which we know will revolutionize how we think about going to the dentist. We aim to one day provide even more value to dentists and patients by connecting the composition of the oral microbiome to overall human health. We see a day when the dentist plays a more central role in early disease screening and overall health maintenance.”

For this reason, OraVital continues to invest heavily in innovation. It is working on next generation tests and new oral rinse formulations. It has recently updated its testing and reporting systems, allowing them to scale quickly and offer customers more value. OraVital can now run well over 10,000 tests monthly. At scale, it can provide customers with unparalleled service quality and value. To achieve scale, it continues to grow its network with Dental Service Organizations, dental clinics, and hygienists. Dr. Jim asserts, “We invite anyone interested in learning more to connect with us through our website. We see our story spreading and are excited to transform oral care with our clinical partners.”


Words of Wisdom for Oral Health Entrepreneurs

A piece of advice that Dr. Jim wants to share with budding entrepreneurs in dental care is that patients need to see your passion for dentistry and getting them healthy. Wellness is what people want, but they don’t know how to find professionals offering it.

“This is a whole new opportunity to be recognized and rewarded while doing the right thing for patients and clinics. A focus on wellness is a huge opportunity for everyone looking to make a difference. For clinics and dental practice operators, a focus on personal wellness would distinguish your practice from the ones that only focus on “drill & bill medicine.” Your patients, hygienists, and associates all benefit. That is a win win win,” concludes Dr. Jim.


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