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Dr. Raza Siddiqui – Pioneering Healthcare Leadership in the UAE

Dr. Raza Siddiqui
Dr. Raza Siddiqui

The healthcare industry demands visionary leaders with unwavering dedication and commitment to providing patient-focused care. They strive to improve and implement new approaches that enable enhancements in treatment outcomes and patients care with apt healthcare service delivery.

This is how Dr. Raza Siddiqui stands out as a distinguished leader who has been serving the healthcare industry and has established state-of-the-art facilities to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Raza Siddiqui is the CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group, which has RAK Hospital as its flagship brand. He has proven himself as one of the most renowned names in the healthcare and hospitality sector in the UAE.

Dr. Siddiqui started his professional journey as a Management Trainee at Lupin Laboratories Limited, a stepping stone that led him to further heights at Ranbaxy Laboratories, a prominent name among India’s top-tier pharmaceutical firms. He also served as the Head of Corporate Communications/Affairs and Strategic Planning for Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. He had a significant professional tenure at ETA Star Health before he joined the Arabian Healthcare Group.

His journey from a management trainee to a highly respected leader in the healthcare industry is an inspiring tale of resilience, compassion and professionalism. 

Below are highlights from our insightful interaction with Dr. Siddiqui.

Brief us about yourself and shed some light on your journey towards becoming a part of Arabian Healthcare Group (RAK Hospital)?

After a remarkably successful tenure at Apollo Hospitals in India, I embarked on a new chapter in 1998 by moving to the UAE. My mission was twofold: to champion India as a hub for medical tourism and to establish the first-ever Apollo Hospital beyond Indian borders. This endeavor turned out to be a resounding success as I pioneered the establishment of international patient navigation centers, facilitating tertiary and quaternary care treatment for a multitude of patients from the region in India.

In 2004, a significant turning point occurred when I had the privilege of meeting His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council of the UAE and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah. His Highness shared his visionary goal of showcasing Ras Al Khaimah as a globally recognized Tourism, Industrial, and Investment destination. Entrusting me with the pivotal task of creating a world-class healthcare facility that would contribute to positioning the emirate as a medical tourism hotspot, I took on the challenge to establish RAK Hospital, a premier healthcare institution.

What roles and operations do you play daily at RAK Hospital? How do they contribute to delivering the type of service that clients need?

My role is primarily strategic. While I may not be directly involved in the operational minutiae, my role is pivotal in shaping the hospital’s overarching strategy. As the head of the institution, I focus on ensuring that the hospital functions like a well-oiled machine, aligned with our core values and commitment to patient care.

My involvement trickles down to every facet of the hospital’s operations. By maintaining a strategic view, I guide our leadership team in decision-making, ensuring that it resonates with our patient-centric approach. This top-down alignment helps us prioritize initiatives that enhance patient experiences, streamline processes, and keep up with industry advancements. Furthermore, I encourage a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. By fostering an environment where new ideas are welcomed, and teamwork is nurtured.

What sets RAK Hospital apart from other healthcare facilities in the region?

Established in 2007, the hospital’s foundation was rooted in delivering top-tier healthcare services to Ras Al Khaimah and beyond. Guided by the values of “Patients First, Integrity, Compassion & Readiness.” What truly sets us apart on the global stage is our blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional medical expertise, all while maintaining affordability. We have upheld this commitment over the years, pioneering innovative healthcare procedures and hosting internationally respected medical professionals who have significantly contributed to our growing reputation.

In essence, RAK Hospital’s exceptional combination of expertise, compassionate care, and technological advancement underscores our position as a leader in healthcare, distinguished by our relentless pursuit of excellence and patient well-being.

Could you discuss any recent advancements or innovative treatments you offer at RAK Hospital?

Certainly, RAK Hospital is at the forefront of innovation and has introduced several groundbreaking advancements and treatments to enhance patient care and well-being. Here are some recent highlights:

Collaboration with CommonSpirit Health: This association aims to provide an even wider range of advanced medical services to the community.

Partnership with Smile Train: RAK Hospital joined hands with Smile Train to extend free cleft lip and palate surgeries to children across the Middle East and the UAE.

Genomic Ancestry Program (Ancestry DNA Testing): The hospital launched a cutting-edge Genomic Ancestry Program, offering Ancestry DNA Testing through Next Generation Sequencing.

RAK Biggest Weight Loser Challenge: RAK Hospital initiated the “RAK Biggest Weight Loser Challenge” in association with the Ministry of Health.

RAK Diabetes Challenge: Another community initiative – through this transformative 3-month-long community initiative launched in collaboration with MOHAP- RAK (Ministry of Health and Prevention- Ras Al Khaimah), RAK Hospital aims to foster, guide, and empower the community in embracing crucial lifestyle changes, particularly emphasizing the significance of dietary adjustments and regular exercise in effectively managing and even reversing diabetes.

World-renowned cardiac surgeon on Onboard and strengthening the cardiac team: This addition strengthens the hospital’s cardiac care capabilities along with the addition of a few more cardiac surgeons enhancing the array of services.

The hospital’s continuous efforts to pioneer new treatments and enhance patient experiences exemplify its position as a leading healthcare institution in the region.

What measures does RAK Hospital take to ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients?

RAK Hospital ensures a welcoming environment by combining a scenic location in Ras Al Khaimah with a patient-centric design. The hospital’s picturesque setting against the Hajar Mountains fosters a soothing atmosphere for healing. It offers unique amenities such as spa treatments, in-room dining, and complimentary Wi-Fi to enhance comfort.

Exclusive services like bellboy assistance, a multilingual concierge desk, and complimentary limousine services further prioritize patient well-being. RAK Hospital goes beyond medical care, striving to provide a holistic and welcoming patient experience.

What are some of the challenges you face when conducting operations and how do you turn them into opportunities for growth?

In the realm of healthcare operations, we face several challenges that we’ve turned into opportunities for growth. One significant challenge was acquiring quality medical professionals. Attracting top-tier doctors when we lacked quantity was tough. To address this, we stimulated domestic demand by offering opportunities in related specialties. Simultaneously, we tapped international markets for high-end cases. This approach built their reputation and gradually increased patient volumes.

Optimizing internal processes for efficiency was another hurdle. We streamlined coordination among departments to reduce waiting times and enhance the patient experience. This required cross-functional collaboration and technology adoption.

These operational challenges, while daunting, present growth opportunities. They encourage us to diversify our services and cultivate a global presence. Addressing these challenges enhances care quality and positions us for sustained growth in the healthcare industry.

What advice would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who desire to venture into the healthcare sector? 

Absolutely, my advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts considering venturing into the healthcare sector is rooted in a dual perspective – that of business acumen and social responsibility.

Firstly, entrepreneurship is fundamentally about recognizing and seizing opportunities. In the healthcare sector, you’ll find an immense canvas of opportunities waiting to be explored. Healthcare is rapidly evolving, and the next five years hold transformative changes. Globally, healthcare ranks among the top industries in terms of business potential. Currently, healthcare services cover only about 60-70% of the population, leaving a substantial gap. This gap translates into a vast business opportunity. However, as entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to be pragmatic and driven by rational decision-making. While profitability is a key driver, it’s not the only one.

Secondly, the healthcare sector is unique in the way it blends business with a profound sense of societal contribution. Entrepreneurs who venture into healthcare should possess not only a smart business mindset but also a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities. Healthcare is an industry where you’re not just selling products or services; you’re directly involved in enhancing the well-being and even saving lives. This blend of business and social impact brings unparalleled satisfaction and meaning to your entrepreneurial journey.

Furthermore, the imminent convergence of technology and healthcare is a game-changer. Technology giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are increasingly focusing on healthcare. The industry is shifting from treating illnesses to promoting overall wellness. Predictive health, personalized care, and customized solutions are becoming the norm. This presents a fertile ground for new entrants to bring innovation, disrupt the traditional healthcare model, and create meaningful solutions that align with the changing needs of the population.

How do you envision scaling your services and operations in 2023 and beyond? 

In the coming years, our strategy for scaling services and operations is driven by an ambitious vision. Collaborating with respected US partners, we are pioneering a groundbreaking healthcare model in Ras al Khaimah, aligning with my aspiration to position the emirate as a comprehensive healthcare destination.



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