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Europe’s 10 Most Leading Healthcare Companies To Watch

Idorsia : Transforming the Horizons of Therapeutic Options
Idorsia is a high-potential biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of small molecules. Without delving into the details of molecular weight and how it works biologically, the most important thing to know from a drug maker’s point of view about small molecules is that small molecules can...

Issue Profile

Med24 Limited | Jonathan Kron
(med)24: Revolutionizing the Healthcare Experience by Informing and Empowering Patients
According to the United Nations’ 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, universal health coverage is an...
iATROS | Prof Dr Alexander Leber
iATROS: Enhancing Health Values by Providing Optimal Care
Heart disease is one of the major concerns in the world today. People in the busy life, usually give...
Intelligentlilli | Gren Paull
Lilli : Facilitating the Healthcare Space Through Advanced Homecare Solutions
Healthcare services at home were once considered to be a luxury that only rich people could afford. Today,...
Oxitone Medical Ltd | Leon Eisen
Oxitone Medical Ltd. – Leveraging AI for A Healthier Tomorrow
The healthcare industry has seen a major rise in technological advancements in recent times. It has evolved...
Qured | Alex Templeton
Qured : Providing Seamless Access to Quality Healthcare
For the first time in the history of mankind, a health crisis has shut down the entire world, painfully...
Viveo Health | Raul Kallo
Viveo Health: Making Healthcare Accessible to All Through a Secure E-health Platform
The expansion of technology has disrupted almost every sector there is in an economy. This has allowed...
Xoresearch | Maksym Diachenko
XOresearch: A Brand Synonymous with Technological Revolution
Healthcare is advancing to a new era, with biomedical data becoming increasingly vital each passing day....