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Facing Challenges with a Smile

Pune's most recommended dentist during COVID-19 web

Challenges are always around the corner. What matters is how prepared are we to tackle it. However, at times, we find ourselves amidst situations that only are a part of the fiction. The novel Corona Virus pandemic has been one such situation which threw everyone off balance.

The medical fraternity has been the worst hit, to say the least. On one hand, they have proven to be the real saviours of humankind. On the other, they have been the ones most infected. As frontline warriors, most medical practitioners have been fighting the pandemic in COVID Care centres. However, there are a few that have been fighting the pandemic in their own way, Dental Practitioners being one of them.

Dental practitioners come in very close contact with human saliva and nasal droplets. This proportionately increases their chances of being infected by a COVID patient – whether symptomatic or asymptomatic. In the initial months of the pandemic, dental practitioners were advised to stop their practice for the time being. However, health emergencies seldom wait.

What the practitioner’s community did during the partial disruption was to prepare themselves for the times ahead. Safety gears like PPE kits and gloves were ordered in bulk. Thorough sanitization of tools, and clinic’s surfaces and their routine were established and air filters were installed.

Technology played a huge part in this preparation. To avoid crowding, online consultations were given and patients who needed physical attention were called in clinics with prior appointments.

In this special edition of Insights Care, we bring Pune’s Most Recommended Dentists During Covid-19. These dentists were quick to respond to the sudden change in the practice methodology and ensured that no patient that needed attention was turned down due to the fear of the pandemic.

The edition features Dr. Sneha’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic, iSmile Dental Care, Soulful Dental Care, and Sweet Smile.



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