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First Healthcare Products: Rendering Perfected Solutions for Intelligent Data Management

Paul Smith | President & CEO | First Healthcare Products | Insights Care

Organizing helps access and analyze everything effectively. When it comes to data, it holds a greater significance. Disorganized data not only makes it difficult to access, but also makes the whole process error prone. Therefore, data organization is an important part of any business. Healthcare data being huge as well as sensitive in nature calls for an even better and superior system in place to store, analyze, access, and safeguard this data.

Serving the healthcare industry since 1967, First Healthcare Products is a prominent solution provider helping doctors, nurses, and practitioners to innovate patient-centered charting solutions. Its founder, Jerry Smith, Sr. started the business to cater healthcare by importing and distributing new products and solutions. Headquartered in Sanborn, New York, the business has continued to evolve overtime. Today, it serves about 10,000+ clients in over 20 countries. For over 50 years, the company has been providing Patient Charting and Medical Records Solutions to healthcare professionals. First Healthcare Products is dedicated towards perfecting the way data fits into life.

Journey through the Years

First Healthcare Products was started to fulfill the real needs and challenges at the frontline of healthcare that the care professionals face on a daily basis. In 1967, Jerry Smith, Sr, helped create and market the first ringbinder charts. After that, the company has seen a continuous growth and has reached the stature it is at today. Adopting and innovating newer techniques and technologies, it has helped its clients stay at the top of the game. In 2000, Paul Smith moved to New York and launched the EMR support division. Then in 2003, First launched the market’s first HIPAA certified chart storage system. It also launched the first modular custom computer cart program in 2006. The company did not stop there. It launched the first antimicrobial charting program to help fight hospital acquired infections in 2010 and a tablet program for healthcare in partnership with Otterbox in 2017. In 2018, First launched a comprehensive patient engagement equipment line for touchscreens. All of these mark some of the important milestones of First Healthcare Products.

Leading Light of First

Paul Smith is the President and CEO of First Healthcare Products. He is from the sales background and is very customer focused. Talking about what an ideal leadership should look like, Paul says, “Ideal leadership provides a clear, detailed vision and a culture of respect and support for that vision.”  Under his guidance, the company has reached a higher peak of success. Leading effectively, he ensures that employees at First never say no to a customer and they develop a passion to continuously bring new solutions for their customers.

Wide-ranging Customized Solutions

First Healthcare Products creates customized solutions for all forms of patient record keeping.  It still offers over 7,000-paper based patient charting and record keeping products like ringbinder charts, poly divider tabs, storage cabinets, etc. Alongside, it provides 9,000+ EMR computer solutions like computer carts, mounting arms, and tablet deployment products. The company is focused on perfecting care with creativity and dedication.

Its in house design/engineering team and tech consultants partner with the end users to create customized solutions so that they don’t have to compromise on their functional requirements. At First, they believe it is critical to get this right to ensure accurate, timely data entry and effective support for critical care decisions. “We are committed to providing data collection tools that provide a perfect fit between computer equipment and healthcare workflow,” asserts Paul. It is therefore a very trusted partner for its happy customers. First has been honored with the ‘Premier Pinnacle Award’ as an exceptional Premier Vendor Partner.

Hand-in-hand with Latest Developments

With the adoption of EMR, First Healthcare Products is having a profound impact on healthcare every day.  The company is working alongside its customers and many strategic partners in this space to apply continuous improvement to the way computer technology works in the healthcare space. This, according to First, is one of the most demanding and stressful environmentsand the professionals working in healthcare are exceptional people who need the best possible tools. Therefore, the company is bringing new solutions to the healthcare industry that are customizable, mobile, and adaptable and it is constantly striving to achieve that perfect fit for them.

Turning Threats into Opportunities

The transition from manual record-keeping to electronic has been both a challenge and a great opportunity. We have had to add new skills to the business every year to improve how we support the EMR division as it has grown,” said the CEO. Creating custom products has been a demanding process that presents new challenges every week for the company. To tackle those, the company has developed operating processes to support efficient design, development, and collaboration. As in any business, communication is its biggest challenge and that is something it works on every day.

The Road Ahead

Foreseeing the future of the company, Paul asserts, First Healthcare will continue to build our reputation as a creative leader in the Healthcare Tech space.” “The company is projected to grow by 45% over the coming three years based on the contracted sales,” he continues.



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