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Food, Eye Health, And Lifespan Are All Linked, According to Researchers

Eye Health

Eye Health

For the first time in Drosophila, Buck Institute researchers have uncovered a relationship between nutrition, circadian rhythms, eye health, and lifespan. They also discovered that activities in the fly eye accelerate the aging process.

“Nature Communications,” a journal, has published the findings.

Previous research has found a link between eye diseases and bad health in humans. “Our study indicates that it’s more than a correlation: eye dysfunction can actually drive problems in other tissues,” said senior author and Buck Institute Professor Pankaj Kapahi, Ph.D., whose lab has shown fasting and calorie restriction for years can enhance a variety of physiological functions.

“We now know that fasting can improve eyesight, but that the eye also has an impact on lifespan. We were surprised to learn that the eye may directly govern lifespan, at least in the fruit fly. “Brian Hodge, Ph.D., the primary author, performed his postdoctoral work in Kapahi’s group.



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