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Fosun Pharma will exhibit its global innovation capabilities at the 2023 BIO International Convention

Fosun Pharma

Fosun Pharma, a global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry group, is set to showcase its innovative research and development achievements at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The company will highlight its biologics platform, Henlius, and its monoclonal antibody products at the event. Notably, Fosun Pharma‘s Han Si Zhuang (serplulimab injection), the world’s first approved anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody for first-line treatment of small cell lung cancer, has demonstrated significant clinical value and efficacy. The product’s clinical data has been recognized by renowned journals and authoritative guidelines.

Fosun Pharma is focused on expanding its presence in various therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology, central nervous system, and chronic diseases. The company is committed to strengthening its core technology platforms and continuously enhancing its product pipeline. In 2022, Fosun Pharma achieved steady growth in operating revenue, driven by the contribution of revenue from its innovative products.

The company’s global operations capability is being continuously improved, with a strong emphasis on promoting high-quality products in international markets. Fosun Pharma has established partnerships and licensing agreements to commercialize its products in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and other regions. Through its global layout and expansion, Fosun Pharma aims to become a leading enterprise in the global medical and health market.

In conclusion, Fosun Pharma’s participation in the upcoming event and its innovative achievements reflect its commitment to advancing healthcare through research and development, global expansion, and the commercialization of high-quality products.

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