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Gerard McCabe: Indomitable Spirit to Make a Positive Shift in Healthcare

Ger McCabe
Ger McCabe

Making a difference in healthcare requires strong commitment and dedication. It is imperative for leaders to be self-motivated in order to make a significant positive impact. They must constantly analyze the situation and make necessary changes to the healthcare system. Shining as a spirited leader, Gerard McCabe possesses over 20 years of experience working with various dynamic organizations.

After working in various senior roles in global transportation, supply chain management, account management, and operations, he shifted his focus to the healthcare industry. This further motivated him to return to university to achieve a BA in Pharmaceutical Business Operations and to fully ‘crossover’ into the healthcare industry.

Gerard was determined to make a substantial difference in the field and knew Biostór Ireland Ltd. was a perfect fit to do that. He is in a prominent position in the organization serving the roles and responsibilities of COO. Biostór is a biotechnology research company that provides certified storage and worldwide distribution of biological materials for scientific research and clinical purposes. Since their incorporation, they have been innovators and entrepreneurs in their fields.

While interacting with Insights Care, Gerard shared insights about his professional journey and how it would complement the company’s growth.

Let’s explore some excerpts from the interview:

Give an overview of BIOSTÓR Ireland Ltd. and its mission in the healthcare sector?

Biostór is a Bio repository for temperature critical storage of bio materials & a wide range of controlled storage conditions down to -196°C (Liquid Nitrogen Vapour) and a range of validated cold-chain distribution services. We are validated to GMP standards and our Quality Management System is designed to comply with applicable EU & US regulations and international standards: ISO 13485:2003. The company has been audited and approved by major US FDA regulated multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Our operations are subject to stringent regulation as set down by EU Tissues & Cells Directives. In March 2008 the facility was inspected and accredited by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) as a Tissue Establishment for the GTP storage and distribution of Human Tissues and Cells for human application throughout the 27 member countries of the EU.

Our Mission: At Biostór Ireland Ltd, our success is driven by a culture of collaboration, innovation and determination. We believe in progressive thinking, in challenging ourselves and each other, with the goal of enhancing patient outcomes and patient lives. Our mission is to serve our customers with the highest quality, ethics and practices, and to provide best in class customer service & client experience.

What are the most pressing challenges in the healthcare industry today, and how are you addressing them at BIOSTÓR Ireland Ltd.?

  • Access to Healthcare
  • Rising Healthcare Costs
  • Aging Population
  • Healthcare Data Security
  • Technological Integration
  • Global/International healthcare Policy and Regulation
  • Patient Engagement
  • Future Global Health Crises

Noting the above challenges, at Biostór, we are 100% committed to providing as many patients access the very best treatment solution possible for them. Working with many global providers, we have been able to ensure that more people in the EU have access to treatments that weren’t available to them previously, in areas such as Orthopaedics, Ophthalmolgy, Cell & Gene Therapies, IVF & Sports Medicine.

What key qualities and skills should healthcare leaders possess in order to thrive in the evolving landscape of healthcare?

Healthcare leaders in the evolving landscape of healthcare should possess a combination of qualities and skills to thrive in this complex and dynamic field. Some key attributes include:

Adaptability: Leaders must be adaptable to navigate the rapidly changing healthcare environment, including technological advancements, regulatory changes, and shifts in patient needs.

Visionary Thinking: A clear vision for the future of healthcare is essential, along with the ability to communicate and inspire others to work towards that vision.

Collaboration: Healthcare is a team effort, and effective leaders must foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including healthcare providers, administrators, and patients.

Strategic Planning: The ability to develop and execute strategic plans is crucial for achieving long-term success and addressing evolving challenges.

Patient-Centered Focus: Prioritizing patient needs, safety, and satisfaction is paramount, and leaders should champion a patient-centered approach throughout the organization.

Empathy: Understanding and empathizing with the challenges patients and healthcare providers face helps leaders make informed decisions and drive positive change.

Ethical Leadership: Upholding high ethical standards is critical in healthcare, as leaders often face ethical dilemmas and must make morally sound decisions.

Regulatory Knowledge: Staying informed about healthcare regulations and compliance requirements is essential to avoid legal issues and maintain quality care.

Innovation: Encouraging innovation and the adoption of new technologies can improve healthcare outcomes and efficiency.

These qualities and skills enable healthcare leaders to navigate the evolving landscape, drive improvements in patient care, and ensure the sustainability of healthcare organizations. Leadership development and ongoing education are also key for staying effective in this field.

What steps are you taking at BIOSTÓR to ensure that its products and services prioritize patient safety and efficacy?

Prioritizing patient safety requires a comprehensive and proactive approach that involves stakeholders at all levels of the team, especially regulatory oversight. It’s an ongoing commitment to safeguarding the well-being of patients.

Regulatory Compliance: Health products and services should adhere to all relevant regulations and standards. Regulatory bodies, such as the FDA in the United States or the EMA in Europe, play a crucial role in setting and enforcing safety standards.

Continuous Monitoring: Implement systems for ongoing monitoring of products and services once they are in use. This may include 24/7 temperature/moisture monitoring, lane validations, post-market surveillance and adverse event reporting in accordance with regulation.

Transparency: Maintain transparency in all aspects of product development and delivery. This includes clear labeling, instructions, and sharing safety information with healthcare providers and patients.

Quality Control: Implement strict quality control measures in service delivery to maintain consistency and reduce the risk of defects or errors. At Biostór, our in-house team includes our own RP, Quality Manager and Regulatory Manager.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: We actively promote collaboration with our peers to prioritise patient safety and ensure an open-minded approach in finding solutions collaboratively.

Ethical Considerations: Ensure that ethical considerations are integrated into decision-making processes, especially in cases where safety may be compromised for financial or other reasons.

Adverse Event Reporting: Encourage and facilitate the reporting of adverse events and safety concerns by healthcare providers and patients to regulatory agencies and manufacturers.

Could you share some of the innovations or breakthroughs that BIOSTÓR Ireland Ltd. has introduced or is currently working on in the field of cell banking and regenerative medicine?

As the only Licenced Tissue & Cell for human application site in the country, our innovation has allowed us to bring many cutting edge life changing tissue and cell products to patients here in Ireland, and the EU. Also, as we store products throughout all the temperature range from ambient to -196Ln2, we can support our partners by offering a range of solutions in support of their breakthrough projects and beyond.

How do you envision these innovations shaping the future of healthcare, both in Ireland and globally?

Innovation will play a transformative role in shaping the future of healthcare in several ways: innovation in healthcare is driving improvements in patient care, access, and outcomes. These improvements are reshaping the healthcare landscape, making it more patient-centered, efficient, adaptable & scalable.

What advice would you offer to emerging healthcare leaders who aspire to make a meaningful impact in the industry?

I think the best advice I could offer for emerging leaders would be to be open-minded, to be flexible, to be willing to move outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves and their peers in search of meaningful ways to affect patient lives positively. The power of communication, in sharing ideas and experience, with a common goal, while embracing new technologies, is how real change is being made.

How do you envision BIOSTÓR Ireland Ltd.’s future?

At Biostór, we are seeing strong growth across almost all of our services, especially in the CGT space and bio storage and sample procurement. Our future will likely be strong growth not only domestically but also internationally where our strategic vision includes a presence outside of the EU, allowing our regulatory and operational teams support our global partners with a strong global network.



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