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Gilead Sciences in talks with Indian pharma companies for Remdesivir production

Among the various existing drugs that are being used to experimentally treat COVID19 patients, Remdesivir has been a crucial antiviral drug that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With demands rising high, US pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences said that it was in talks with drug companies in India to start Remdesivir production.

According to a statement, Gilead Sciences is negotiating long-term voluntary licenses with several generic drugmakers in India to produce Remdesivir for developing countries. Gilead will provide appropriate technology transfers to facilitate this production”. The statement adds that the company’s goal “is to make Remdesivir both accessible and affordable to governments and patients around the world” and it plans to continue the production of the drug for “Europe, Asia, and the developing world through at least 2022”.

Before being used in the COVID crisis, Remdesivir was available only for patients enrolled in clinical trials or those cleared to get the drug under expanded use and compassionate use programs. A recent clinical trial showed that patients recovered about 30 percent faster than those on a placebo, in the first proof of successful treatment against COVID19.

Gilead, which has already said it will donate the first 1.5 million doses of Remdesivir, also previously said it was focused on making the drug accessible and affordable to as many people as possible upon approval.



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