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Greenway Health: Providing Innovative Tools that Offer Patients Greater Access to their Health Information

Richard Atkin | CEO | Greenway Health | Insights Care

In today’s digital world, patients want access to their health data, test results and providers instantly. Emerging tools, such as patient portals and secure messaging, offer them greater access to their health information, which has the potential to encourage engagement with their physicians more frequently for better health. One company leading the charge in providing medical practices with these cutting-edge solutions is Greenway Health, a Florida-based leading health information technology and services provider.

Founded in 1977, Greenway has an impressive track record of serving as a healthcare problem solver, satisfying clients with its solutions. Over the last several decades, Greenway has experienced an increase not just in terms of revenue, but also as it relates to client trust, as well as industry awards and recognitions. This trailblazing company, considered to be a market leader in the U.S. healthcare space for more than 40 years, delivers exceptional service through an experienced team of clinical, financial and technology experts committed to delivering i services that create value for providers & patients. Greenway’s main goal: to make patient-driven care a reality while navigating the ever-changing healthcare system.

To date, Greenway has partnered with more than 10,000 organizations and 75,000 progressive providers across more than 40 specialties, which translates into more than 100 million lives that are touched by its solutions.

An Engaged Patient Is a Happy, Healthy Patient

Today more than ever, providers are experiencing increased burned out. They are often overwhelmed by hours of paperwork, revenue concerns, changing government regulations, MIPS reporting and more, leaving them with less time to truly focus on and care for patients. As such, Greenway partners with physicians and their teams, providing solutions that make their lives easier so they can get back to changing patients’ lives. The company has mastered the art in developing patient engagement tools that give patients access to their health information. Greenway’s patient portal, for example, integrates with Greenway Patient Messaging for patient-provider engagement. The solution offers easy-to-use features, such as secure messaging and immediate views of health records, and also enables users to request and schedule appointments, and receive appointment reminders.

Greenway’s online patient portal also simplifies engagement requirements for Meaningful Use and value-based reimbursements. This is all done through simple, fast registration, secure messaging, and a view of an individual’s health record that meets view, download, transmit (VDT) measure.

The success of Greenway’s patient engagement tools can be best understood from the company’s client advocates:

“Today, patient engagement is huge, and Greenway’s Patient Portal and Messaging helps us do that better. I really like how Greenway Patient Messaging gets the right information to the right patient, in the right manner, and saves staff time in the process.” – Bethany Suggs, Systems Coordinator, Family Medical Associates of Raleigh

“Not being at every appointment with my mother has caused me worries. With the patient portal – when I can’t be there – I still can help her manage her health and that’s important to both of us.” – Nancy Brown, Practice Administrator, The Veranda

In addition to its patient engagement tools, Greenway offers electronic heath record and practice management solutions. A Greenway EHR solution can be exclusively tailored to the needs of each provider’s practice and their specialty, allowing for user-focused simplicity to the front office, clinic and back office.

Leading from Example: Empowering Employees with a Healthy Workplace

An ace leader is one who fosters an environment of growth, which directly leads toward the overall success of a team and an organization. A leader provides knowledge and motivation to its team members to strive for their best in serving clients, fellow team members, and stakeholders of an organization. One such ideal leader is Richard Atkin, the CEO of Greenway. Atkin joined the company in June 2018, bringing extensive executive experience and a focus on process-driven management, as well as a deep background in developing talent, team building and organizational alignment.

Richard joined Vista Equity Partners in 2014 and has worked with Vista portfolio companies DealerSocket, EagleView, Finastra, Omnitracs, Solera, and STATS. Prior to his role as an operating principal, Richard was the President of Vista Consulting Group from 2014 to 2017, where he helped the organization evolve and scale to support the growth in the Vista portfolio. Before joining Vista, Richard handled the prestigious posts of president and chief executive officer of Sunquest from 2005 to 2014.

Richard believes employees are the real assets of any organization. As such, he promotes a healthy and conducive work environment, and emphasizes a special focus on the personal growth and professional development of each individual. Atkin’s goal is to provide his team with knowledge and motivation, encouraging them to strive for their best each and every day. Greenway does this by offering ongoing training, educational sessions and additional learning activities to foster collaboration among its team members. This enables colleagues to continue to grow throughout their career, and ensures that award-winning customer support can be achieved each day.

At Greenway, Atkin is known for his sheer dedication and diligence to better serving customers, working endlessly to help them achieve success. He considers his team to be problem solvers, working each day to truly understand the challenges Greenway customers face, from ever-changing government regulations, deadlines, and security and compliance requirements, to also maintaining profitability. He encourages his team to take charge of situations, making decisions that are in the best interest of those who matter most – Greenway customers.

Looking Ahead to a Prosperous Future

Greenway is committed to bringing continuous innovation into its products and is very optimistic about its future success. The company is currently developing a next-generation platform that will help customers succeed amid the constant industry change, in particular the movement toward value-based care. The company’s state-of-the-art next-gen platform will focus on workflows, documentation and device integration. It will reimagine a healthcare practice’s daily tasks from start to finish with a goal of seamless performance.



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