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The Health Side Of The Approaching AR Revolution

The Health Side Of The Approaching AR Revolution | Niantic mobile game

Augmented reality reached the mass consumer market just a few year ago with the release of the Niantic mobile game, Pokémon GO. This game effectively took over the world, and allowed users to blend the digital and real worlds in an unprecedented way, and in doing so, introduced a technological concept that would quickly become known as an advancement in mobile entertainment.

More games followed Pokémon GO within about a year, to the point at which conversations about AR, largely became about how it would change the video game world. But other entertainment-related concepts have since come up as well. Sports applications, for instance, are beginning to emerge, already affecting how people can watch live games (seeing virtual data through their phone screens when they point at certain things or players). And betting is expected to be incorporated as well. Bookmakers around the world are growing steadily more tech-savvy, and with Sugarhouse expanding to the U.S. market and bringing others along with it, there’s a massive new market about to join the fray as well. And all of this activity may well be enhanced by AR apps that put betting odds before users’ eyes instantaneously.

More entertainment applications will join the list. AR could change the way we watch TV and movies, or gamify everyday practices like social interaction or going to the gym. It could bring comic books and novels to life, or make learning experiences mo



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