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Healthcare Brand Marketing During Covid-19

Outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has affected many sectors of business. However, some industries have received a positive impact due to it too. One such industry is the healthcare industry. Healthcare sector has been at peak since the outburst of the Wuhan virus. People have started giving healthcare prime importance during this time. The number of searches for medical advice has increased now than that before Covid 19.

The onset of the infection has made people think about their body, health and healthcare more than before. This is the perfect time for healthcare brands to market themselves. Csurrently, the return on investment is high for these brands compared to other times. The only concern here is marketing their products and services efficiently.

Although the timing is right for marketing, the money available to invest is limited. Investing efficiently would be wise in order to receive the expected returns. The rise of coronavirus cases in the world has led every small and big healthcare brand to come forward to help spread awareness. Each brand is working on marketing themselves and making people aware of the brand. Some of the medical digital marketing strategies that can be used by healthcare brands are as below:

Websites: Websites being the primary point of contact, brands should post notices on their website. People should be addressed about how the brand is acting towards the spread of the pandemic. Spreading awareness about the virus and at the same time advising people to take the precautionary measures is one way of catching their attention. There are many brands that have taken up this time to modify their websites. You can check out this marketing agency in Newcastle to learn more about digital marketing for your business.

Reputation Management: Hopefully, every brand has a reputation management program in place. Every brand is in competition now to find the cure or vaccine for Coronavirus. There can be failed attempts by brands as well. These failures need to be handled in a mannerly way to avoid any brand image issues. Maintaining brand reputation is of utmost importance at times like these. During this time, if the brand image is set strong, then that is the best marketing that a brand can do.

Video Advertisements: With people staying home, online browsing has increased. Videos are highly used mode of digital entertainment. Brands are investing is video advertisements that are displayed on various online channels and OTT platforms. A popular healthcare brand has been displaying a video ad “Helping you stay safe, healthy and calm”. Similarly, another brand has an ongoing ad campaign with the tagline “Our Smiles keep us together”. At present, video advertisement marketing is on peak.

Helplines: The outbreak of Covid-19 has confused people and at the same time they are concerned about their health. Even for other health issues apart from cold, fever and cough, people are afraid of leaving their homes and going to hospitals. Healthcare brands could set up helplines for people to reach out to in case of particular health issues. Any form of help that people get from any brand during this difficult time would be appreciated and remembered by the people.

It is not necessary that all brands should take up measures to market their brand during this time. However, it seems to be a time that can be utilised well particularly for marketing purposes. The above-mentioned methods of marketing may or may not suit each brand. These are mere marketing strategies that brands are following these days. One can also find creative ways to market their brand and stand out from the rest.

– Shreevarshita Gupta



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