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Helping a US-based Firm Launch its Green Herb Cryptocurrency


We recently worked on a project with a US-based client. Our client’s objective was to allow green herb enthusiasts to buy cannabis products from their online store using the crypto coin. They collaborated with us to launch an all-new green herb cryptocurrency. They also wanted our assistance in creating a marketplace for all things green herbs.

Green herb or Cannabis is a psychoactive drug used for medical and recreational purposes. The drug is extracted from the green herb plant and can be smoked, vaporized, or eaten. It is available in many forms, including dried flowers, seeds, oil, and baked goods. The vision behind the project was to provide a new way for people to purchase green herb products for medical use, as it is used to treat nausea, insomnia, and several other conditions. The client wanted to offer a secure, transparent, and hassle-free green herb products buying experience to its users.

This is how we went about it

We at ChainTechSource always look for new ways to innovate and build technologies, like blockchain and DLT, that can solve problems in many industries. We were excited to work with this client on this project and were looking forward to seeing the results of the trial-and-error process. The project started on April 22, with the client describing the idea, followed by the project needs and structure.

We have been in the industry for a long time and know the process very well. We have a team of skilled developers and designers who are always keen on creating the best possible product for our clients. Also, with our previous clientele and track record, it was easy to convince the client to get on board with us for this project. It may sound simple, but it had a few challenges as we were supposed to create, launch, list, and market the new product. As the use of the green herb is not legalized in many states, we had only a few places to market the product, and it was a problem as the locations restricted us. But we knew how to overcome this and other issues associated with the project.

We started creating the coin with a 20-member team, including coders, designers, and marketers. After this, we got on to the second task – building the marketplace, the eCommerce platform. We also faced a few legal issues but managed to address them efficiently. Most importantly, we had to consider many legal aspects while developing the project. With timely guidance and feedback from the client, we managed to finish the project in a month’s time. Ultimately, the client was very happy with our approach and the way we handled everything.

Additionally, as part of the same project, the client wanted our technical expertise to create an eco-space. With this, the client wanted to offer a hassle-free shopping experience to its users. For this, we are currently in the process of creating a wallet for the coin. This will enable users to store their coins and spend them per their requirements. Moreover, we are also developing NFT Marketplace like Opensea Clone and Paly2earn games for the client.

The whole experience of working with the client has been nothing less than amazing. The concept of the whole project was very new, and the entire thing was challenging. We at ChaintechSource love challenging projects, and the projects’ additional requirements have taught us a lot as we created an end-to-end product for the client and the customers.

Now, let’s look at the marketing part. We rolled out several press releases announcing the launch of the coin. We were also responsible for listing the coin on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Such listings were also made public via a few rounds of press releases. Additionally, we did almost everything to spread the word on behalf of our client – from getting influencers to talk about the product to blogs and social media marketing.

The whole project was a learning experience for the whole ChainTechSource team. We, as a team, have been working on different projects, but for this project, we created the whole ecosystem. With the development process, we learned how to configure the marketplace with mass pay options for multiple vendors as we are converting the marketplace into a multi-vendor place.

We thank the client for choosing us as their partner and doing business with us. We are looking forward to a long-term, mutually beneficial business association.

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