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Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center: Elevating Healthcare through Medical Advancements

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

In the heart of Los Angeles, where the glitz and glamour of Hollywood meet the profound world of healthcare, CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHA HPMC) stands tall as a Leading institution of pioneering excellence. As we delve into the complex world of medical innovation, CHA HPMC emerges as a distinguished name, heading groundbreaking advancements in spine surgery.

Situated within the expansive network of CHA Health Systems, a global healthcare powerhouse, CHA HPMC has carved a niche for itself through a commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical practice. Leading this endeavor is Jamie Yoo, the Chief Executive Officer of CHA HPMC. With a stellar track record that includes leadership roles at prominent medical centers, Jamie brings a wealth of experience in operations, business development, strategy, and technology to the helm.

But what truly sets CHA HPMC apart is not just its leadership but its relentless dedication to advancing healthcare on multiple fronts. The medical center is currently engaged in a $40.5 million multisite study funded by the National Institute on Aging, contributing significantly to the development of the Asian Cohort for Alzheimer’s Disease (ACAD). This commitment to research mirrors CHA HPMC’s ethos of continuous improvement and progress.

Dr. Sun H. Lee, a distinguished Neurosurgeon affiliated with CHA HPMC, epitomizes a commitment to excellence. A fellowship-trained, board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in complex spine and brain tumor surgery, Dr. Lee is a driving force behind the medical center’s success in the field of spine surgery.

In an exclusive interview with Jamie Yoo and Dr. Lee, we uncover the captivating story of CHA HPMC.

Can you please provide an overview of your professional background and what inspired you to pursue a career in healthcare leadership?

My first experience in the healthcare space was actually as an intern at CHA HPMC in the project management/business development office. During this internship, Jamie was able to see all different aspects of running a hospital, spending one month learning about each area (finance, operations, nursing, medical records, admission, etc.). He was in awe of the dedication of those that work in healthcare and how it truly takes a village to provide healthcare. He was struck by all the moving pieces necessary and the number of caregivers that are needed to provide care to one patient.

Jamie earned his master’s degree in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He is a native of Southern California and cares deeply about the local communities CHA HPMC serves.

Brief our readers about Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. How does it differentiate itself in the field of spine surgery? 

CHA HPMC is a nationally recognized acute care facility that has cared for Hollywood and its surrounding communities since 1924. We offer comprehensive health care services with a 434-bed acute care facility, including 89 skilled nursing beds. We are a member of CHA Health Systems, a dynamic global healthcare organization that provides a full spectrum of services in seven countries around the world, including 86 hospitals and clinics, 30 research and 14 education institutions and 31 bio/pharmaceutical/healthcare companies.

CHA HPMC is equipped with cutting-edge devices and surgical equipment. It is a community hospital but boasts all the equipment and advanced devices that you’d typically find in larger medical facilities. We do minimally invasive surgery and utilize a navigation system used for localization, allowing surgeons to precisely track instrument positions during operations.

Shed some light on the diverse range of services and treatments that the hospital offers.

For almost a century, CHA HPMC has diligently served the Los Angeles community with an array of services. It has one of the largest labor and delivery units in LA, boasts several surgical services which includes one of the few Fetal Surgery Programs in the US and is home to the Southern California Eye Institute. Although CHA HPMC is proud to be a safety-net community hospital, it also provides various high-end services and has one of the busiest emergency rooms in the county.

How do you incorporate individual differences and cultural inclusivity into your leadership at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center?

The hospital has a medical staff of more than 550 physicians and specialists, representing 69 specialties and 75 different countries. We feel very fortunate that our patients have a diverse group of caregivers that represent all corners of the world. Whether it be ensuring dietary needs meet religious/ethnic customs or providing interpreters that speak our patients’ preferred language, CHA HPMC embraces the area’s diverse, multicultural patient populations and provide all who walk through its door’s quality care in a compassionate manner.

How does the hospital stay at the forefront of technological advancements in spine surgery?

The key is a great team. We have a specialized and dedicated team for spine surgery. Over the years, having worked together on numerous cases, they work effectively and understand what surgeons want or need during operations. With a competent team, surgery times are reduced, leading to a lower possibility of complications, a decreased infection rate, shorter hospital stays and etc. A better clinical outcome means more referrals from primary doctors and insurance companies, which is why we are attracting more cases.

How would you advise someone wishing to pursue a career in healthcare leadership?

Learning from others is important. Thus, finding a mentor in the healthcare space is key. Never be afraid to ask questions and if people open a door, make sure to take it. Never be bashful when someone offers you their email or phone number. It is always good to network in order to exchange ideas or to garner opportunities.

How do you plan to maintain the hospital’s status as one of the most innovative spine surgery hospitals in the coming years?

We will continue recruiting more surgeons who are capable and skillful. One thing all hospitals should consider is cost-effectiveness. Many patients that come to CHA HPMC are through referral from insurance companies. If hospitals use resources effectively, saving costs during the surgeries while maintaining a good outcome, insurance companies will likely refer more patients. This would mean more cases for hospitals and ultimately leading to better outcomes for the patients needing spine surgeries.

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