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How Having a View from Your Window Can Help Cure Depression


We don’t typically think about the view from our window as being influential to our mental health, but for many people, having a direct line of sight to nature can help mitigate feelings of depression.

Whether it’s a city skyline, a mountain range, or a forest scene – having something to periodically glance out at can positively affect us in ways we may not expect. Something as simple as watching clouds move or trees sway can be enough to lift our mood.

If you’re someone who struggles with mental health issues – take a look around your environment and see if you can make small changes that will make your view more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll walk you through how having the right view from your window could help ease your depression and provide meaningful moments of healing and connection with nature.

Exposure to Natural Light Improves Mood and Circadian Rhythm

Light is a powerful and vital part of our daily lives, and having a great view from your window can have some amazing benefits. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light helps improve mood, regulate your circadian rhythm, and reduce symptoms of depression.

The way it works is that natural light stimulates hormones in the body that help bring balance. For example, exposure to natural light boosts serotonin levels—a hormone that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. It also increases melatonin production which helps to regulate mood and emotions.

Plus, having access to views of nature from your window—like lush green landscapes or vast blue skies—is thought to have a calming effect on the mind and body. So if you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, try taking a few moments each day to appreciate the beauty right outside your window!

Views of Green Spaces Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Having a view from your window is not just an esthetic preference, it serves an important psychological purpose. Studies have shown that a window with a view of greenery can reduce stress and anxiety levels in individuals suffering from depression.

For example, looking out at a wooded area or tree-filled park can have calming effects that lower cortisol – the stress hormone – concentrations in the body. Additionally, simply being exposed to nature can lead to feelings of greater happiness and contentment.

Furthermore, the sight of trees and other forms of vegetation has been found to improve mental engagement and reduce fatigue. A great view from your window can help to restore your mental health by providing an outlet for your thoughts and enabling you to relax.

Ultimately, having a great view from your window is beneficial for your mental well-being; so if you’re looking for a way to make your home more comfortable and relaxing, investing in good window treatments could be the answer.

Watching Nature Scenes Activates the Brain’s Reward Center

Did you know that watching nature scenes can help cure depression? It’s true! Your brain’s reward center gets activated when you watch nature scenes, and that helps to boost your mood.

This connection between nature and the brain has been well-documented in scientific studies. A 2011 study from the University of Essex found that viewing scenes of natural beauty produced a greater sense of well-being compared to urban settings. The study also found that people’s ability to concentrate improved when they were exposed to natural beauty, further aiding depression.

So why does nature have such a powerful effect on our brains? It has to do with our response to what we see:

  1. The color green is calming, so we feel at ease looking at rolling hills and fields covered in grass.
  2. Watching animals in their natural habitats can provide us with a sense of entertainment and joy, enabling us to relax and restore our energy levels.
  3. Being outside can help us feel connected to something larger than ourselves, reducing feelings of loneliness or isolation that are so common during depression.
  4. The sense of awe we experience when looking out on vast vistas helps open up our minds and lower stress levels, making it easier for us to think clearly and process emotions properly.

When combined, these elements make it easy for us to escape reality and permit ourselves to be still—something we all need to reconnect with ourselves and work through depression without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

Views From Hospital Rooms Speed Up Recovery Times

Believe it or not, studies have shown that hospital patients who have better views from their room windows tend to recover faster than patients who don’t.

So why is this the case?

Positive Emotions

The main reason is that better views spark positive emotions and those feelings help strengthen the body’s immunity. Studies show that positive emotions are linked to releasing more of our body’s natural healing chemicals, such as oxytocin and serotonin. This helps with the recovery process and can even stave off depression.

Improved Mood and Stress Release

Having a good view from your window can also improve your mood by allowing you to observe nature or watch the changing sunlight which has a calming effect. It also helps release built-up stress which is a common symptom of depression – so having a pleasant view could help reduce the effects of depression overall.

These are just some of the benefits of having a good view from your room’s window:

  1. Improved Mood
  2. Reduced Stress Levels
  3. Enhanced Immune System Response
  4. Lower Blood Pressure
  5. Increased Focus and Concentration
  6. Increased Sense of Wellbeing

Plus, research shows that people tend to enjoy spending more time in their rooms if they have a great view outside—so it won’t only help you on a physical level but also on an emotional one too!

Designing Buildings with Mental Health in Mind

We all know that having a great view from your window can make you happier: watching the birds, basking in the sunlight, or being surrounded by trees. But did you know that there’s more to it when it comes to helping you feel better mentally?

There’s an emerging trend in architecture where designers devote time to creating buildings with mental health in mind—building designs that have been known to help lessen feelings of depression.

So, what kind of design features are important, when it comes to curbing depression? Here are some things you should look out for:

  1. Natural light: This is especially important if your window faces east or south—those directions get a lot of sunlight throughout the day.
  2. Open views: Working and living places with views that extend outwards, rather than being boxed in. This will give your room more depth and width, making it also appear larger and more uplifting.
  3. Greenery: Surround yourself with plants and trees – it helps break up the monotony of a cityscape and add life to your living space!

Designers understand that how we experience our urban environment affects our emotions—and that having a view from your window could help cure depression in many cases.

Simple Ways to Improve Your View and Mood

It’s not just about having any view, though. To get the full benefits of the great outdoors, you need to choose something that speaks to your heart. Here are a few simple ways to enhance your view and your mood:

Manage lighting levels

The right amount of natural light is key – you want it bright enough to be cheerful but not so intense that it makes you uncomfortable. The trick is to make sure you have blinds and curtains in place so you can adjust the light as needed.

Color yourself calm

Surround yourself with vibrant colors and natural elements like plants or stones to give a sense of peace and relaxation. This can help create a positive atmosphere in your room and turn anxiety-driven thoughts into positive ones.

Consider the view

If possible, pick a spot that has a calming view—perhaps with gently rolling hills or lush greenery that can fill your sightline with beauty. Bring some nature inside by displaying pictures of nature scenes or hanging plants for further visual stimulation.

Bring nature indoors

Bringing nature inside also does wonders for your well-being as it helps reduce stress and anxiety, which can improve your overall mood and outlook on life. Add items such as an aquarium with colorful fishes, houseplants, or other pieces of decor with natural elements (stones, wood pieces, etc.), to bring some natural vibes into your room and life.


Even if you don’t have a view from your window, taking a few moments each day to look at the sky or pause to appreciate nature can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health. If you can, try to make the effort to allow yourself more access to nature, be it from your window or a local park.

Connecting with nature, even in small ways, can help foster a more positive outlook and reduce the effects of depression. Studies show that being in nature can help reduce stress and boost mood, and having a view from your window is just one way to get that connection. With a little bit of effort and creativity, a view from your window can be a powerful ally in your mental health journey.

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