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How to Manage Medical School Application Anxiety

Medical School Application Anxiety

Getting ready to apply for medical school can be a multi-step process involving partnering with an advisor, attending summer programs, shadowing healthcare professionals, and preparing for medical college admission tests (MCAT).

While studying in medical school can be challenging and stressful, the application process can also leave some people feeling worn out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. If you’re currently experiencing application anxiety and are struggling to manage the process, you might be able to ease some of those intense feelings by doing some of the following things.

Look for Application Tips Online

Sometimes, part of your stress in the medical school application process can relate to not knowing how to apply. If you look for application tips on websites like Premed Experts, you might be armed with the information you need to apply to medical school confidently.

You can learn about the best MCAT practice tests, how to get into medical school with a low GPA, and how to write a medical school letter of intent. The more you know about the application process, the more belief you might have in yourself to achieve your goals.

Seek Professional Help for Stress

If you were already experiencing a great deal of stress in life, applying for medical school might have tipped you over the edge. Don’t battle with these feelings on your own. Instead, reach out to mental health professionals for support.

You can talk about any problems you’ve been facing, receive helpful advice and tools, and have your feelings validated. When you receive help, you may gain the strength to manage those intense feelings that might have otherwise stopped you from completing the application process.

Find a Support Network

Medical schools accept the best of the best, which means pre-med students must work hard to make themselves stand out from the crowd. The pressure can be immense, and many people see the value in support networks. Family and friends might be your first call, but you might also reach out to pre-health advisors, spiritual advisors, or mentors for support and encouragement.

Take Physical and Mental Breaks

You might know you need to work hard to get into medical school, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your physical and mental health. The two are closely linked, so by taking care of one, you might be able to take care of the other.

Remember to take breaks from studying, spend time with your friends, and continue doing the things you love. Striking a balance between study and recreation might put you in the best mindset to create a winning medical school application.

Ask Questions

It’s easy to assume that everyone who applies to medical school finds the application process straightforward. However, if you’re struggling with any part of your application, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You might go to your mentor or advisor or even reach out directly to the medical school you’re applying to. Receiving clarification might improve your chances of handing in a flawless application that you have complete confidence in.

It’s only natural to experience application anxiety when applying to your dream medical school. However, management techniques can be crucial. You might be able to reduce stress and anxiety by doing any of the things above.



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