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Immunity in vaccinated COVID-19 survivors may last for a lifetime, says new research

Immunity in vaccinated COVID-19 survivors

Immunity in vaccinated COVID-19 survivors

Amid fear of the next waves and new coronavirus variants, two new studies have brought a sliver of hope. According to these studies that immunity in vaccinated COVID-19 survivors lasts at least a year. Furthermore, this immunity can last for a lifetime if these COVID-19 survivors get vaccinated.

However, as noted in The New York Times people who never caught COVID-19 and have been jabbed as well as previously infected people with not enough immune response will still have to get booster shots.

As stated in Times, researchers in both studies examine people who got infected with COVID-19 a year prior. The first study published in Nature found that the B memory cells remember that the virus recites in the bone marrow and releases antibodies when necessary.

The second study which is being reviewed to be published in Nature magazine found that these B cells mature over time and enhance their response after getting infected at least for a year.

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