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Increasing Iron -Manganese levels, a Nutritional Safeguard Against Cognitive Aging


Researchers looked at the relationship between dietary mineral consumption and the risk of cognitive impairment (CI) in older Spanish people in a new study that was published in the journal Nutrients. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) test, a very sensitive and specific but little utilized tool, was used to classify CI cases. 54.2% of the 201 participants in the study showed signs of CI (MoCA < 26). Women who consumed more iron and manganese had lower CI risks. On the other hand, no correlation between mineral intake and CI was seen in males.

Human life expectancy has increased due to modern medicine, which has also increased the occurrence of chronic age-related illnesses such as cancer, heart problems, and neurological ailments. One of the most prevalent diseases in older people is dementia, a set of neurological problems marked by memory loss and other severe thinking difficulties. It is thought to impact 50 million people worldwide and add 10 million new sufferers per year.

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which is determined by objective comparisons with the patient’s previous level of functioning and subjective expert observation, is frequently the first stage of dementia pathogenesis. There are no pharmacologically authorized “cures” for MCI, despite the fact that behavioural and lifestyle modifications (diet, hypertension management, cognitive stimulation) may postpone the illness.

Dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean diet, the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH), and the Mediterranean–DASH Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) have been found to have positive neurological connections. The clinical results of studies examining the relationship between nutrition and neurology have dominated the field; little is known about the molecular effects of certain food elements, such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, or biomolecules.

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