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Indonesian Health Ministry Launched 5 Innovative Measures to Address Health Staff Issues

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The Indonesian Health Ministry has launched five innovative measures to address the lack of health human resources in the country. Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin emphasized that while the government is working to improve health facilities, they cannot be utilized without proper human resources.

The key issues identified are the number, distribution, and quality of health human resources. Currently, Indonesia has a doctor-to-people ratio of 0.46 per thousand, lagging behind Malaysia and Singapore, which have a ratio of 1 per thousand. Ensuring access to healthcare is still challenging due to a shortage of medical and health human resources, with existing personnel concentrated more in Java.

To address these challenges, the ministry has introduced the following innovations:

  1. National Medical and Health Human Resources Plan: A reference for the government and health offices in creating policies on human resource placements in each region.
  2. Information system on local and foreign health and medical human resources’ competency evaluation: Transparently showcases competencies and evaluations, allowing foreigners and local people overseas to utilize their skills without delays.
  3. SATUSEHAT Profession Credit (SKP) integrated with SATUSEHAT SDMK: Health and medical personnel can use it to meet the required credits necessary to apply for a practice license.
  4. Computer-assisted competence tests for functional positions: Health personnel can be promoted if they pass the online test and are recommended by their workplace.
  5. Zero rupiah Registration Card (STR): Lifetime validity and zero cost for all Indonesians in Indonesia.

Minister Sadikin emphasized that efforts to meet the needs for health personnel require support from everyone and are aimed at welcoming a Golden Indonesia in 2045.

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