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Industrial Biotechnology: Applications in Your Day to Day Life

Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology is supposed to be a promising technology and is known to have the potential for addressing some of the biggest challenges faced by humanity like providing food to an ever-growing population and coming up with novel and innovative alternatives to the Earth’s scarce natural resources. Even though it is still a distant dream, when industrial biotechnology is able to reach its full potential, it would be impacting the entire world.

Industrial biotechnology uses micro-organisms and enzymes for making bio-based products in certain sectors like food ingredients, chemicals, detergents, textiles, paper, and even bio-fuels. We know that industrial biotechnology has manufactured enzymes for our everyday use and even for the manufacturing units. Industrial biotechnology chiefly involves the microbial generation of enzymes that are specialized proteins. All these enzymes have actually evolved over time to be highly effective biocatalysts that would be facilitating and speeding up complex biochemical reactions. Biotechnology is regarded as such a robust and powerful technology thanks to these superlative enzyme catalysts. Here are some effective ways industrial biotechnology helps us in our day to day activities.

Helps in the Production of Alcohol

A common application of industrial biotechnology is in the production of alcohol. For example, beer is made using water, brewer’s yeast, barley or any other starch source, and also, a flavoring agent like hops. The starch present in the barley needs to be transformed into sugar using enzymes and then fermented. You must understand that microbes and enzymes are effective and frequently used tools in industrial biotechnology. You may browse reputed sites such as Bhat Biotech for a comprehensive collection of biotech-associated products and services.

Assists in the Production of Biofuels

First generation biofuel would be manufactured by effective fermentation of plant-derived sugars into ethanol utilizing a similar process to the one used in wine and beer making or simply by converting useful plant oils to incredibly valuable biodiesel.

It needs crops like corn, sugar cane, wheat, sugar beet, or oilseed rape. Biofuels like biodiesel and bioethanol are mixed with diesel and petrol for meeting legislation on effective greenhouse gas emissions. By mixing road transport fuel with biofuels their carbon impact could be reduced.

Offers Useful Biotech Products

Cells and enzymes are not just used as tools for making biotech products; they could themselves be biotech products. For example, non-soya veggie burgers are known to contain microbial cells, and probiotic yogurts; and enzymes are also, used in food processing, washing detergents, cosmetics, etc.

Useful in the Production of Plastic

Bioplastics that are made from biopolymers seem to be already in use in the plastic food packaging industry, producing mobile phone cases, pens, sunglasses, and even personal care products’ packaging like the packaging for conditioners and shampoos.

Helps in Manufacturing Fabrics

Polyester is supposed to be an important synthetic polymer fiber manufactured from fossil fuel and this seems to be used for making clothing, carpets, blankets, and some other fabrics. Several biochemicals are useful in the manufacturing of tanning agents, dyes, polyester, and nylon that are supposed to be crucial materials in the manufacturing of textiles for clothing, carpets, and even upholstery.

Effective in the Production of Medicines

Industrial Biotechnology would be presenting a remarkable opportunity for developing medicines which have been quite tough and almost impossible to produce using other means because of purity issues. We understand that bioprocessing could be utilized for developing fresh new pathways for converting low-cost feedbacks into really high-value products and that may include pharmaceuticals along with their intermediates.


You must have realized by now how important industrial biotechnology actually is in your day-to-day activities for enhancing the way you live. The technology has a lot to offer and is consistently evolving.



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