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Israeli PM announces ‘cooperation’ with UAE to fight coronavirus

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that Israel would link hands with the United Arab Emirates in the war against the coronavirus pandemic given the lack of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Netanyahu stated that a joint decision to partner with the UAE to counter coronavirus was inevitable and will be made by the UAE and Israeli health ministers.

The declaration comes at a period of heavy Arab resistance to Israel’s attempts to seize areas of the disputed West Bank-territory that has traditionally been an essential part of the Palestinian state.

Last week, UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash said that he could cooperate with Israel in certain ways, including the fight against coronavirus and technology, amid political disagreements.

Addressing a military ceremony in southern Israel, Netanyahu said that the initiative resulted from intense communications with the UAE in recent months.

UAE state-run news agency WAM has reported that two UAE firms will collaborate with two Israeli firms on medical projects, including one to counter the latest coronavirus.

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