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J. Flowers Health Institute: Your Bridge Towards a Better, Healthy, and Fulfilling Life

Robbin-Mooney-and-Dr-James-S-Flowers | J. Flowers Health Institute
Dr. James S. Flowers, Ph.D. , LPC-S, Founder, and Robbin Mooney, CRS, Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer , J.Flowers Health Institute

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.” – Marianne Williamson

In the journey of our life, we stumble and fall – some things are inevitable that way. But what matters more is how we heal ourselves. Healing requires courage, compassion, commitment, and patience. But above all, healing demands assistance.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to lead a better life. Sometimes, physical injuries, mental health, or addiction issues get in the way of that goal. We are then compelled to seek the best possible solution to attain that goal. For problems that require expert and focused care, rehabilitation is generally the answer.

This edition, 10 Most Promising Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2021, spotlights those rehabilitation centers that provide patients with comprehensive and quality care. And one prominent name among such rehab centers is J. Flowers Health Institute.

Based in Houston, Texas, J. Flowers Health Institute specializes in providing truly comprehensive health and wellness evaluations for individuals who want to improve their quality of life. The Institute stands out from the crowd because of the high standard it maintains in effective client healthcare services. It identifies the root of a client’s problem and approaches their healing from every angle.

Setting Benchmarks

  1. Flowers Health Institute has been recognized as a Power Player of Houston in the field of Medical, Health, and Wellness. Its stand-out approach to health lets it deliver the best quality of care to every client. The Institute goes the extra mile in its hospitality and professionalism. It is dedicated to improving the lives and wellness of each client. We provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and holistic treatment to achieve clarity, direction, and results.
  2. Flowers Health Institute pinpoints the best treatments for issues related to chronic pain, addiction, substance use, mental health, failure to launch, and lifestyle concerns through its accurate evaluations and wellness programs.

The Institute resolves the root cause of health issues through a comprehensive, proactive, and integrative approach that helps clients optimize their life. It provides clients with a ‘Living MRI’ that is unparalleled in its thoroughness and precision in illuminating their path to lasting wellness.

In the Right Hands

At the helm of J. Flowers Health Institute’s ascending graph of success and excellence are:

Dr. James S. Flowers, Ph.D., LPC-S, Founder

Dr. James Flowers has been one of the most respected names in the chronic pain, pain recovery, and addiction treatment industries for over 30 years. Dr. Flowers holds a broad educational background alongside a wide range of experience in evaluating and treating chronic pain that co-occurs with addiction.

Dr. Flowers is dedicated to progressive healthcare and human healing. He always demonstrates his commitment to creating positive changes in the lives of every client he sees, and he strives to develop a healthcare system that best serves this population.

Although Dr. Flowers has achieved much in the pain and addiction treatment industries over the years, he discovered a void when it came to providing truly comprehensive assessments for those who needed a diagnosis alongside post-evaluation treatment recommendations. He founded J. Flowers Health Institute to help fill this void.

Dr. Flowers has spent over 28 years in the Texas medical and clinical community, qualifying him to assemble the finest team of healthcare professionals in the world at J. Flowers Health Institute.

Dr. Flowers earns his reputation as an expert in this field through his consistent dedication to his clients and his passion to help them. He often participates in speaking events and lectures to audiences both in the United States and abroad. Dr. Flowers’ exceptional public performances have led him along this distinguished career path.

Robbin Mooney, CRS, Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer

Robbin Mooney has worked in the health and wellness industry since 1998. Her primary focus is on creating and implementing dynamic marketing solutions, designs, and branding messages for a range of companies in this industry.

Robbin’s passion lies in business development and public relations, and she has helped others achieve full and successful lives through her dedicated work. Robbin has taken her background in the entertainment field and merged it with holistic wellness specialties to carve out her unique role in the health and wellness services industry.

Robbin served at the Crossroads Centre Antigua; an internationally recognized addiction treatment program founded by Eric Clapton in 1998. There, she worked as the Outreach and Communications Liaison.

Robbin also served at Willingway Hospital – the first freestanding addiction treatment hospital in the Southeast – for 16 years. At Willingway, Robbin held several roles including Director of Communications & Marketing and Special Events Coordinator.

Robbin has been actively supporting MusiCares, a non-profit arm of the Recording Academy, for over 17 years. She aids musicians and individuals in the entertainment industry to find the recovery treatment they need. Robbin also worked as a professional makeup artist in various films and television programs for many years, and she is a certified yoga instructor.

As experts from their own professional journey, Dr. Flowers and Robbin share a piece of advice saying, “It is vital to have faith in yourself and recognize the moment to take a chance to get the help you need. Through personal commitment and professional direction, you can achieve both a fulfilled and well-balanced life.”

Overcoming Adversities

We asked Dr. Flowers for his opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the global healthcare sector, and what challenges the Institute faced during the initial phase of the pandemic, to which he replied, “We recognize the increasing number of people struggling with mental health issues and substance use disorder over the pandemic. COVID-19, the accompanying social restrictions, and its impact on people’s careers force a difficult lifestyle change. It is not easy for anyone to adjust to this significant alteration.”

“In these uncertain times, however, we always recommend that people recognize how each one of us is facing this change in life. It is important to adjust to the change to strive for a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. In instances where families have been isolated together, it is critical to establish healthy boundaries and keep up with open communication,” he added.

Opinions that Matter

Sharing his take on the future of the rehabilitation services niche post-pandemic, Dr. Flowers says, “Telehealth usage rates have skyrocketed due to COVID-19, and research has steadily proven the effectiveness of telepsychology. Georgetown University focused a study on telehealth’s growth in the past two decades, and this research showed that telehealth patients and providers felt positive about this incorporation of technology into healthcare.”

“Additionally, Harvard Medical School and RAND Corporation have studied the influence of behavioral health issues and chronic conditions on the telehealth industry during the pandemic. Their research showed that these areas of healthcare greatly increased telehealth utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed a steadily growing number of patients who suffer from severe anxiety due to the pandemic. Through telehealth and on-demand, app-based mental health coaching, we help these clients face and improve their anxiety disorders.”

“Recently, there has been growing number of visits to US emergency departments (ED). These visits point to an increasing concern over mental health issues, overdoses, and violence. The CDC states that strategies which support telehealth and addiction treatment may be useful in reducing the number of ED visits for these issues.”

Dr. Flowers believes that the telehealth sector will continue to grow as people normalize it as a form of treatment, and over time, telehealth will continue to be effective for the many health and mental issues people face throughout life.

The Future is Bright

When asked about how they envision scaling J. Flowers Health Institute’s operations in 2021, Dr. Flowers and Robbin stated, “To grow our organization, we are steadily researching and analyzing various cities throughout both the US and abroad. We aim to reach a broader space while also partnering with the best and most advanced medical systems in the world.”





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