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JTS Health Partners: Reshaping RCM through Seamless Innovation

Thomas D. Stewart, Jr., President, CEO and Co-Founder, JTS Health Partners
Thomas D. Stewart, Jr., President, CEO and Co-Founder, JTS

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has evidently impacted the global healthcare sector. Not only the direct healthcare providers but the supporting elements such as healthcare RCM service providers have also been equally affected.

Organizations in the RCM niche had to face key challenges of meeting client requirements as well as ensuring the safety of their employees. Amid a difficult time, JTS Health Partners is among those revenue cycle management consulting firms, which are quickly adapting to the challenges and ceaselessly providing high-quality services to clients.

Under the guidance of Thomas D. Stewart Jr., PresidentCEO and Co-founder of JTS, the company has efficiently scaled its offerings to cater to ever-evolving demands of the industry. “We have proper partnerships in place to quickly and easily scale to meet client need with the highest quality resources and advisors to exceed expectations,” shares Mr. Stewart.

While the whole world is hoping for the impact of the pandemic to subside, the healthcare sector has begun to see a surge in activity in both, the public and federal sector. To prepare for the future, JTS is set to invest in analytics in 2021 to guide decision making and process improvement initiatives for its clients.

The genesis of JTS Health Partners

Established in 2009, JTS Health Partners has been aiding hospitals and physicians with Health Information Management (HIM), Information Technology and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) as well as advisory, analytics, and consulting.

Since its inception, cordial and precise services have been the strongest aspect of the growth of JTS Health Partners. Mr. Stewart further elaborates the company’s internal goals, “Our internal goals are simple; every client is a reference, and we pride ourselves on having 95% referrals over the past decade.”

The company’s focus on the best-in-class customer service model to deliver high-quality services to healthcare executives is another contributing factor to the company’s success. However, the complexity and competition within the healthcare environment, especially post COVID-19 pandemic, has made it difficult to stand out. However, to establish the company as truly trusted partner JTS has been focusing on expanding the domain expertise.

With a decade long experience and expertise in the healthcare space, JTS Health Partners is moving forward with a mission to serve as trusted advisors in Revenue Cycle Management, optimizing healthcare clients’ financial and operational results.

Mr. Stewart further talked about the company’s vision, “We aim to be the advisor of choice in Revenue Cycle Management for complex solutions, with our people as the difference in achieving our clients’ business outcomes.”

JTS Health Partners runs on strong values, which are:

  • Integrity
  • Service-minded approach
  • Results-oriented
  • Taking ownership
  • Valuing teamwork
  • Passionate about clients’ outcomes
  • Living fully and succeed

Value-ingrained work culture

Employees are the key asset of every organization. And encouraging and appreciating their efforts takes the organization farther on the path of success. “To do this, we have identified and developed fundamental behaviors which drive every action.” Mr. Stewart said, “These are measured and rewarded for each team member, both client and internal facing.”

Another key aspect is the company’s extensive experience working with direct hospitals and physicians which has helped JTS to establish its name in the Revenue Cycle Management sector. JTS serves as a trusted advisor to executives and management teams and is focused on providing our clients with tremendous value and level of service. With client satisfaction as its trademark, the company has managed to enlist as clients some of the top healthcare organizations in-country.

Leading with experience and expertise

With over two decades of professional healthcare experience Thomas D. Stewart Jr. co-founded JTS Health Partners and its holding company, JTS Ventures, Inc. formed in 2002. His healthcare career came into shape in Atlanta, Georgia further leading him to work for International Business Machines (IBM), Coram Healthcare, Oncology Partners/Value Sciences, KPMG Peat Marwick, and Siemens Medical Solutions USA. He has an accounting degree from Kennesaw State University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Georgia.

As CEO and co-founder of JTS Health Partners, Mr. Stewart focuses on results-oriented execution. His extensive experience in progressive information technology, consulting, financial management and revenue cycle management within the healthcare provider and physician sectors have led the company to build trust among clients.

As a visionary leader, Mr. Stewart is aware of the technological advancements and their benefits for the business as well as clients. “Technology has greatly enhanced capabilities within the healthcare industry. From electronic medical records to robotic surgery to the use of AI and analytics for revealing patterns and predictions, modern technology allows for better continuity of care, high-tech solutions to treatment, and better end-to-end service to the patient.”  He also believes that the continued evolution of AI and predictive analytics will open more doors for transformative care.

Conquering COVID-19 challenge 

COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted all aspects of our economy, healthcare more than any other. When asked about the pandemic effect on the operations of JTS, Mr. Stewart said, “As a revenue cycle management company, JTS was fortunate to have remote office technology and processes already in place, which helped us to quickly transition more staff to virtual workspaces.”

A comprehensive technology with established security processes and procedures helped the company in managing PHI and maintaining HIPAA compliance, which is of utmost importance in the remote work environment. However, amid the difficult time, CMS also revised 2021 Evaluation and Management codes affecting many specialties. To deal with this situation, JTS built a robust educational solution to kick-start physician practices and facilities so that needed revenue is not lost while serving patients.

Wise words for the aspirants

The revenue cycle management space is constantly changing and evolving. New technologies and governmental regulations ensure that those in the revenue cycle continue ongoing education and adaption of those advancements. As a visionary leader, Mr. Stewart shared wise words for aspiring entrepreneurs in the RCM space. He said, “Lifelong learning is vital to personal and industry success. I would encourage anyone with an interest to take the next step into revenue cycle management.”

Words of worth

“JTS Health Partners is a highly professional organization with honesty and integrity. Their change management and information technology leadership, and expertise within our Cerner Clinicals, POE, and Physician Adoptions projects were excellent. They truly operate as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to our organization.”

– Pam Austin, Chief Information Officer, Ballad Health.  

“JTS Health Partners has provided us with high-quality service and outcomes related to our Cerner Financials implementation and optimization efforts. JTS has been a consistent and dedicated partner/group of revenue cycle and health information management professionals through our journey so that we can maximize our technology investment.”

– Joanna Weiss, VP, Revenue Cycle, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center& Research Institute.



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