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Know Your Skin!

Know Your Skin! | Insights Care

There is one thing that is most important before choosing a skin care routine and the skin care products – Knowing your skin type. A product that is perfect for one person will not be perfect for the other. This is because their skin type, dermal problems, every day routine, surrounding environment, sun exposure, everything may differ. For perfectly understanding your skin, you need to consider all these factors as well. A lot of people do think that they know everything about their skin, but most of the times they miss out something or the other in the analysis.

Let’s see how we can find out what we are exactly looking for. The first thing to do is before observing your face in the mirror every day, stop using the skin care products that are currently in your routine. These products work to change type and texture of your skin. After this, understand the skin types. They are broadly divided into normal, oily, dry, sensitive, acne prone, and aging skin types. Other than these, your skin can be oily at a few places, while dry at the others. This is known as combination type. Also, take into consideration the surroundings, pollution, sun exposure and your lifestyle and observe their effects on your skin. Once you stop using the products and start looking out for all other factors, you will notice the oil development, dryness, tightened pores, or other aspects, which can help you identify your skin type easily.

It is necessary to know this prior to selecting any skin care product. The ingredients in the products for specific skin type are different than that for the other. These products are designed to work and suit best to your skin and hence, to leverage the maximum benefits, it is important to select wisely. Say, having a dry skin, you select a product made for oily skin, it will lead to increased dryness. Whenever visiting a cosmetician, feel free to ask about the best products for a certain skin type, or even ask them to help you identify your skin type. Know your skin, before choosing anything!



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