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Latin America’s 10 Most Ingenious Healthcare Solution Providers for 2022

Seegene Brazil: Integrating AI for a Healthier and Better Future
The advent of technology alongside the uncertain pandemic times has called for a change in the fundamental strategies that have been implemented into the healthcare niche. Around the world, healthcare systems are struggling with the burden and pressure caused by the pandemic. By improving these situations...

Issue Profile

Renato Velloso | dr.consulta
dr.consulta: Catering to the ‘Patient First’ Approach
In Brazil, 135 million people belong to the base of the socio-economic pyramid and have limited access...
Juvenal Feoli | Grupo Cenahce
Grupo Cenahce: Providing a Hands-on Testing Platform
Amid the global pandemic and unprecedented times, the role and responsibilities of Clinical Laboratories...
Microbiología y Calidad Industrial
MCI: Augmenting Services, Re-Defining Possibilities
Microbiological analysis is required for the detection of contamination and the maintenance of high-quality...