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Leading Healthcare with Innovative Technology & Branding Tactics

Best of 10 Healthcare Brands 2019 | Cover Page Image | Insights Care

All of us have heard the saying, ‘A healthy nation is a wealthy nation’. Healthcare is one such industry that will thrive to exist till the humans do. It, hence, is a very significant part of the economy of a country. Quality care has ensured that humans all around the world lead a better life. Right from general check-up to diagnosis to post-treatment care, at every step the attention to detail and quality of service provided to the patients have to be up to the mark. Although the healthcare industry has advanced incredibly, it faces several new challenges every day.

Tackling these challenges and contributing significantly to the process of improving healthcare, we have shortlisted some of the prominent companies that are dedicatedly working to better the quality of life for people. In our issue, “Best of 10 Healthcare Brands 2019”, we highlight their stories and how they are catering this vast industry.

In this issue we have included intriguing cooperate profiles of various leading brands in the healthcare sector namely; Camomile Healthcare Ventures is one of the fastest growing and the largest healthcare strategy and implementation advisory organizations in Asia; Healthcare Consultancy Services (HCS) is a Healthcare Advisory & Consulting firm in the field of Healthcare & Hospital Management, based out of Mumbai; IOTimize Healthcare is focused on developing several technological solutions to uplift the current living situation of the population; Sun Narula Group India is one of the largest independent healthcare solution providers, with world class technology products and services; Wockhardt Healthcare is a chain of tertiary care super-specialty hospitals with its main focus and aim being on clinical quality and patient-centric care. Apart from these we have also included numerous other companies like, Seemeds Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ambuja Neotia Healthcare, Hosmac India Pvt. Ltd., Palash Healthcare and Cipla Ltd.

Apart from these we also bring some interesting articles drafted by industry experts on various fields of the healthcare vertical. Mr. Bhavdeep Singh, the CEO of Fortis Healthcare has written a piece on ‘The Healthcare Sector Today in India: Why is its Role Critical?’ Whereas Padma Shri Dr. V. Mohan the Chairman and Chief of Diabetology at Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, Chennai; has shared his views on the ‘Latest Technologies in Diabetes.’ Another very interesting article written by Mr. Udai Kumar, the Chairman  & CEO of OHUM Healthcare Solutions, on Healthcare Systems are Complex and Need Strong Management.’

Our in house editorial team has also included a few insights through our articles on ‘Trending technologies in the healthcare vertical’ and ‘Branding Strategies and Building.’

So flip through the pages and embark on a journey full of knowledge and interesting business approaches!



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