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Lindus Health wins Money to Advance Technology Usage to Revolutionize Clinical Trials

Lindus Health

London-based start-up Lindus Health is embarking on groundbreaking trials to discover innovative treatments for conditions such as tinnitus, insomnia, and progressive childhood short-sightedness. In a first for the industry, the company is utilizing its technology platform and machine learning capabilities to manage trials from start to finish, with the goal of accelerating the delivery of treatments to patients and improving their lives.

Lindus Health has raised $6 million in funding to date, attracting investments from notable entities including Firstminute, Seedcamp, and Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and an early investor in Facebook. This funding will enable Lindus Health to further leverage machine learning and data science in its mission to revolutionize clinical trials.

The company has also received an Innovate UK Smart Grant, provided by UK Research and Innovation, worth nearly half a million pounds. UKRI assessors have recognized Lindus Health’s work in machine learning and data science as a highly valuable and game-changing project.

Through its pioneering technology, Lindus Health has been able to significantly expedite the approval and market entry of treatments. Its trials have been completed three times faster than the traditional industry standard. Having already conducted over 80 trials across the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, Lindus Health is now collaborating with various partners to evaluate the safety and efficacy of different treatments.

One such collaboration is with global healthcare company Pharmanovia, where Lindus Health will assess a treatment for severe insomnia in a real-world setting using digital technology to reach patients who are difficult to access. Additionally, Lindus Health is partnering with Oto to conduct a trial involving 200 individuals, comparing their digital tinnitus solution against in-person therapy.

Furthermore, Lindus Health has joined forces with Berlin-based start-up Dopavision to trial the MyopiaX treatment, which aims to slow the progression of progressive short-sightedness in children by increasing dopamine levels in the retina.

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