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Magnus Liungman: An Embodiment of Perseverance and Innovation in Health-Tech

Magnus Liungman | Health-Tech
Magnus Liunagman | Co-Founder | Doctrin

Among all the traits and abilities that can lead one to success, passion stands atop. Unlike other factors such as skill, knowledge, and creativity, passion is innate. It is something that cannot be learned or acquired but is always present. It powers and drives determination, creativity, and hard work making great accomplishments possible.

Starting with directors, celebrities, CEOs, athletes and everyone who has risen to the top, all of them possess the motivation and an unstoppable zeal. This gives them the wherewithal to work extraordinarily hard at something even when it’s uncertain if they will enjoy rewards for the efforts they put in or not.

Despite its importance, passion is relatively a difficult term to explain. In order to identify the true meaning of passion, one should look into motivation. The key here is to examine ‘why’ instead of ‘what’. Why did someone accomplish what he or she wanted? Why does success only come to a few among thousands?

We at Insights Care, in our pursuit of finding the true meaning of passion, crossed paths with Magnus Liungman, the Co-Founder of Doctrin. His desire and capacity to go above and beyond the call of duty have helped the company achieve superlative outcomes. However, what intrigued us was the ‘why’ factor behind his success. Following is his story to the zeniths of success, why he succeeded in accomplishing what he wanted to, and all about his revolutionary company.

History in Making

The proverb, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ suits this context very perfectly. Before we talk about the foundation and features of Doctrin, let us have a look at the events that led to founding this company.

Liungman began his professional journey from a consultancy, McKinsey and thereafter Health Navigator in the UK. As a consultant, he used to solve any problem the clients had. However, the problems were never-ending and were mostly repetitive, that disturbed Liungman. He wanted to do more, find a better solution to all problems. “I realized I wanted to be part of solving the future of healthcare on a bigger scale. I approached several companies but didn’t meet anyone that envisioned the solution the same way I did,” he quotes.

Change is not easy and often is accompanied by new problems, Liungman too had many problems to face. “The problem is that if you improve medical quality it tends to be at the expense of productivity, or if you want to streamline the operations, you will end up with unhappy patients or personnel,” adds Liungman.

I wanted to create a comprehensive communication and collaboration system that would improve medical quality, increase productivity and raise patient satisfaction while saving time for healthcare professionals. And I realized that the solution was not to create a parallel digital healthcare system alongside the traditional one. The key was to amplify the capacity of existing healthcare providers creating a digi-physical healthcare environment,” expresses Liungman.

Knowing More about Doctrin

Now that we have established the purpose behind building Doctrin, lets us see how it is different from other health-tech companies.

Established in 2016, Doctrin helps existing healthcare providers to intelligently digitize the patients’ journey, enabling a digi-physical healthcare environment. Its platform includes a digital medical history tool with +400 questionnaires of the highest medical quality, tools for triage as well as a communication system for online consultations and collaboration between professions and care units.

We are the biggest platform provider in Sweden with private providers Capio and Praktikertjänst as our biggest clients. Currently, 500,000 patient contacts per year run through our platform Flow with 4000 healthcare professionals representing 18 different professions working in it,”  Liungman adds.

The Remarkable Feat

Liungman’s quest to reform the healthcare sector and founding a company with the same mission was just one of his problems. His actual struggle was to find like-minded people who shared the same passion and would uphold the mission.

However, after 4 years of its inception, Liungman proudly boasts of finding such people as one of Doctrin’s achievements. He comments, “The thing I am most proud of is that we have managed to gather +40 extremely talented people consisting of medical doctors, ex-management consultants, data scientists and designers who all share the same passion for radically improving healthcare. The fact that this amazing team in four years has been able to make Doctrin the industry leader in Sweden, helping 450 000 patients annually, makes me very proud.”

The most remarkable achievement is yet to come. Today, driving Doctrin towards the zeniths of success, Liungman could not be more satisfied and happier than seeing that his vision of better healthcare service is in motion.

The other thing that I am very proud of is that it works! We have recently finished evaluating the digi-physical implementation of the platform at a primary care center in Stockholm, Capio Ringen with 28 000 patients. In December 2018 the care center was struggling with low phone availability, an overcrowded walk-in clinic, and a high-stress work environment.”

 “Overnight they closed the walk-in clinic and referred patients to their website to be further guided to either self-care, a digital consultation or a physical visit. One year later the number of patients that get the same day response has increased from 73% to 95%. The waiting time for a physical visit has gone down from 4-6 weeks to 1-3 days! And productivity increased, with 33% more patients being helped per hour. In addition, patients are extremely satisfied – 89% would recommend the care unit to others after using the digital service”,  he adds.

Towards A Glorious Odyssey

Passion is the fuel that inspires people toward specific goals, no matter how unlikely or difficult they might be. Here, while the need to improve healthcare service drives Liungman, he is the driving force that generates the enthusiasm within his team.

The growth of the company is now destined over a chain of events which will include hard work, teamwork and eventually success. Scaled up for new dimensions and breakthroughs, Liungman and his team plan on expanding Doctrin’s services to new markets specifically in Europe. “My focus in the near future is also to make sure that we partner with healthcare providers that share our vision for how to radically improve healthcare through intelligent digitalization,” he concludes.



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