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Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness: Ameliorating the Essentials of Living

Dr Jeffrey S. Haddad | Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness
Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness

Have you heard of people going to sleep on their bed but waking up on their living room sofa? Or, on the contrary, have you heard of people complaining of how they have spent a night tossing and turning and hence feel tired, cranky, and out of sorts that day?

According to a study, 70 per cent of the world population between the age of 20 and 59 report having sleep-related difficulties regularly.

Such sleep difficulties can be associated with stress, hectic schedules, or other outside influence. Hence, people feel it is not a big deal. But if such issues start to interfere with your daily routine, they can indicate having a sleep disorder. If such problems are left untreated, they can raise the risk of accidental injury and can make a person more prone to chronic diseases.

Depending on the type of disorder, Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness facilitates a wide range of treatments for headache, jaw pain, or ringing in your ears from TMJ disorder. It provides a one-stop solution to daytime sleepiness, loss of energy and focus, or incessant snoring.

With experience in treating patients for over two decades, its CEO, Dr Jeffrey S. Haddad, has become an expert in the state of Michigan for TMJ and sleep disorders. He has an astonishing journey of training other dentists and doctors using the latest techniques to address TMJ symptoms or a sleeping-breathing disorder.

A Motivational Beginning

The Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness was established to help other medical professionals with their patients who were suffering from TMJ and Sleep disorders. Dr Haddad has been identifying and treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients in his general practice, Rochester Advanced Dentistry, since 2004. It became very apparent to him how underserved this population was.

In 2014, he was personally asked by members of a large medical group in Troy, Michigan, called Unasource Healthcare to help treat their patients who were looking for answers outside of a CPAP machine, which most patients cannot tolerate.

Based on the vast population of people that were suffering from sleep breathing disorders, Dr Haddad felt the need to find a solution to identify and treat more patients in need. They started seeing patients over at Unasource two Fridays per month. Then within three months, they were treating patients every Friday. Within six months, it went on treating patients on Mondays and Fridays!

Through this process, they truly realized how many patients were out there that needed their help and how underserved the sleep-breathing disordered patient population was. It was time to build a center that could properly treat these sleep-breathing disorders, give these people the help they needed, and get them back to living the healthy and fulfilled life they deserved.

A Unique and Only Solution in the State of Michigan

The organization treats Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and other sleep breathing disorders with a completely different approach. The Michigan Center is the only practice in the state of Michigan to utilize techniques of muscle relaxation and measurement of the facial muscles to determine the optimal jaw position for sleep appliances. This not only will treat snoring and sleep apnea, but it also supports the patient’s jaw in a muscularly comfortable position resulting in an even healthier night’s sleep.

This computerized jaw tracking and muscle diagnostic technology is not used anywhere in the state of Michigan and offers people the most advanced treatment for OSA in the country. Dr Haddad lectures nationally on this approach and is one of the foremost experts in teaching other doctors this technique. With these aspects and Dr Haddad’s experience, patients receive an elite level of treatment and the most innovative sleep appliance to address their sleep apnea.

Maximizing Outreach

Dr Haddad was one of the first dentists in the state of Michigan to start treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea patients with dental devices. He pioneered a very advanced approach to treating OSA and snoring many years ago. Because of the thousands of patients, he successfully treated, more awareness of this life-threatening condition has occurred in Michigan. The office continues to work with medical professionals throughout the state to help people who are suffering from sleep apnea.

In addition, the Michigan Center facilitates home sleep testing (HST) without the need for in-office or hospital study. It is as simple as calling the office and sending it a copy of your driver’s license and medical insurance card and gathering some personal information.

Dr Haddad states, “We will determine all your medical benefits and your out-of-pocket expenses before any testing. If you then give consent, we will send the ResMed ApneaLink Air Type III home sleep test device directly to your home.”

He further states that all patients are tested for two nights which increases the company’s success rate and minimizes potential retesting occurrences. Testing both nights ensures that it gathers enough data for its affiliate board-certified sleep physicians to interpret your sleep patterns.

According to Dr Haddad, “We will then have a proper diagnosis so that we can give you the ideal treatment for your condition.”

Advanced Offerings for Multiple Sleep-related Problems

The latest statistics show that 52% of patients with a sleep breathing disorder also exhibit TMJ symptoms or are prone to them. These symptoms include headaches, migraines, jaw pain, ear pain, tinnitus (ear ringing), vertigo, and neck pain. Therefore, treating these patients with mandibular advancement devices (MAD).

The advanced techniques to make these sleep appliances minimize the aggravation of these TMJ symptoms and, many times, help relieve them. This is especially true with patients who have headaches, jaw pain, and ear symptoms. The center oversees many patients who have had standard sleep appliances made at other offices who are now suffering from severe TMJ symptoms because of improper fitting and jaw positions. The measured and precise approach gives the organization’s patients the most comfortable MAD sleep appliance possible, giving them optimal sleep and wellness.

Strategizing the Future

When speaking about the industry’s future, Dr Haddad expressed, “I believe and hope that the future of sleep breathing disorders will have clinicians who also understand the importance of TMJ disorders and how to manage them.”

According to him, 75% of TMJ disordered patients have a sleep breathing disorder and 52% of sleep breathing disordered patients have TMJ symptoms or are prone to them. These are essentially the same people. Many people are suffering daily from debilitating headaches, migraines, and facial pain and have lost hope of finding relief. Furthermore, most physicians and patients are not aware of the myriad of symptoms that fall under the TMJ disorder category.

There is a need to have medical providers properly identify these patients and educate them on both conditions to treat them properly. Dr Haddad believes, “When a patient finds us to treat their sleep apnea, our office also informs them that the symptoms they are living with are a result of a TMJ disorder.” He further states most patients are living on pain medications because they were not accurately diagnosed and were never told how these symptoms were related.

A Note to Remember

When asked to give a piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs, Dr Haddad said, “Be passionate. Have compassion. And realize that what you are doing for these patients is life changing. This may sound like an exaggerated comment, but I hear this daily! Dr Haddad, you changed my life! Dr Haddad, you SAVED my life! Dr Haddad, you SAVED my marriage!”

According to him, the last comment is quite common in his practice, and it is such a powerful statement. When a man and a woman stop sleeping in the same bed or same room, their relationship can adversely change, and intimacy can slowly disappear. Hence, the company has a proven solution to snoring and sleep apnea, which will help its clients, help their overall health, and help the well-being of their marriages.

A Word of Appreciation

Below are a couple of testimonials of the clients.

Anthony Costs writes: My sleep quality is now restored thanks to Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness. It was an effortless process; everyone was extremely professional and helpful. My appliance was comfortable, and my snoring stopped immediately. I feel refreshed and completely awake for the entire day, better yet, my TMJ pain subsided in about 30 days. Very thankful for Dr Haddad and the staff!!

  1. writes: Cannot say enough about Dr Haddad and the team. I suffer from severe sleep apnea, and my snoring was not good for my home life. I tried the CPAP machine and could not do it. I am a stomach sleeper, and it just is not comfortable. The sleep appliance I received was just what I needed. I immediately stopped snoring the first night. Slept through the night without multiple wakeups. I feel energized in the morning, and I can take the appliance with me everywhere. Thanks again to Dr Haddad, Christine, and the whole team! It changed my life!Top of Form.



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