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Minnesota cannabis firm to expand its research on psychedelic medicines

psychedelic medicines

Vireo Health international, recently renamed Goodness Grow Holdings, a Minneapolis-based producer of cannabis products announced on Wednesday to begin research in psychedelic medicines.

Led by Dr Kyle Kingsley, the company is among the leading growers and retailers of cannabis products for health and recreational purpose. Resurgent, the company’s subsidiary of biosciences will research psychedelics. However, the subsidiary will not cultivate, manufacture, or distribute such drugs.

Dr Kingsley said on Wednesday that the company cannot ignore the significance of psychedelics to transform mental health space anymore. The company will be investing up to $20 million throughout 2022 to continue the expansion of Goodness Grow’s operations and retail dispensaries.

It is to be noted that Minnesota, Arizona, New York, and other states allow the use of cannabis to treat anxiety, depression, pain, and other conditions.



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