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Modern Technology Transcending the Healthcare into Value-based Collaborative Care

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With the inauguration of the Internet of Things, we can say that everything and everyone is connected. The technological shift of this dimension is felt by every division of the economy, every human being and every sector including Healthcare. Internet of Healthy Things (IoHT) bridges interoperability hurdles to transform radically the way in which healthcare is delivered, driving high-grade results, increasing efficiency and making healthcare affordable to all.

Wearable devices and home health monitoring devices assisting patients is a common thing now. Whether data comes from electrocardiograms or temperature monitors, tracking health information is vital for all patients. Connected smart devices facilitate real-time data reporting with the capability to transmit critical data from a patient home to the hospital. It allows doctors and hospital staff to have a real-time monitoring of patient’s wellness. Increase in computing power is also a reason behind this disruption. Our smartphones now hold more processing power than entire rooms of early computers, and nowhere is that truer than in the world of medical monitoring. The leaps and bounds that technological progress has taken in the past few decades mean that whereas once you’d have to go to a medical professional to get information about.

This disruption made possible by IoHT is also creating an opportunity to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery and allowing healthcare to transform into value-based healthcare. Recently published research shows that with remote patient monitoring for the heart, asthma and diabetes patients will enable a total saving of $200+ billion mainly due to the elimination of unnecessary and redundant expenditures. The future is converging more on interconnected devices, and all these methods will help to build products that involve enough with patients to support them in crafting health goals which are relevant to their life. Adopters of the Internet of Things in Healthcare are rising steadily which delivers very compelling messaging, sustain engagement and provide powerful motivators to make health and wellness a part of our everyday lives.



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