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Most Influential Canadian Women Leaders in Healthcare 2022

Dawne Barbieri: Leading Mental Health Care, Healthifying the Globe
Since the historical timeline of socioeconomic discoveries, human life has been constantly inventing and progressing in order to gift itself a meaningful and healthy future. However, on that lifeboat, people are navigating several storms, one of which is mental health. As per various research studies...

Issue Profile

Arunima Nath | Director of Quality and Compliance
Arunima Nath: Leading Quality Control and Quality Assurance in the emerging Psychedelic Industry
The bounds of the medical sector are stretching of the views and are exploring innovative ways to cure...
Joanne Simons | CEO
Joanne Simons: Approaching care provision and decision-making with kindness
Imagine being diagnosed with a disease rife with stigma and social repercussions. What would be your...
Kate Culter | CNO
Kate Culter: Enhancing Patient Care with Technology Leadership
In the pursuit of developing comprehensive, equitable, and integrated health care, the integration of...
Lisa Klco | CEO
Lisa Klco: Mental Health Made Accessible, Affordable and Patient-centric
Happy are those who find hope in the darkness, Happiness in misery, and healing; when in pain! But this...