Most Innovative Leaders Revamping the Rehabilitation Industry 2023

Darren Lockie: A Positive Step Towards Recovery from Addiction
When it comes to seeking rehabilitation, patients yearn for an environment that offers not only personalized care but also a sense of comfort and solace. Understanding the significance of these factors, Darren Lockie, the CEO of Lanna Healthcare & Jintara Rehab, has successfully bridged the gap between...

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Anel Sherren | director
Anel Sherren: Fighting Against the Addiction Stigma and Enabling Sustainable Recovery
It could be said that there’s a deeper level of pain and suffering in the world today, and awareness...
George Patriki | ceo
George Patriki: Providing a Comprehensive Pathway to Recovery
When you thought you could control your addiction, substance use, gambling, or any other behavior, but...