Most Leading RTLS Solution Providers in Healthcare Industry, 2023

AiRISTA Flow, Inc: Facilitating Solutions for Asset Tracking, Staff Safety and Workflow Operations
The digital age has successfully transformed the world for the better. Be it the Industrial segment, Hospitality Sector, or Healthcare Institutes, technology has affected almost every segment. And, inside the Healthcare Sector, especially in the hospital ecosystem, workflow efficiency requires tracking...

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Blueiot Technology: Comprehensive Tracking Solution to Effective Patient Care
Blueiot (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd: Comprehensive Tracking Solution to Effective Patient Care
Unlike the traditional times when hospitals were required to increase the volume of physical capacity...


Phone Addiction
Escape the Digital Trap: Overcoming Phone Addiction and Regaining Focus for Better Health and Happiness
The emergence of technology and digital gadgets has completely changed how we work, communicate, and...