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MOWOOT: Relieving You from Constipation through an Innovative Approach

Dr. Angel Calzada (CTO), Dr. Markus Wilhelms,CEO , Dr. Immaculada Herrero (CSO) , Marc Benet,(CRMO), MOWOOT
Dr. Angel Calzada (CTO), Dr. Markus Wilhelms | CEO | Dr. Immaculada Herrero (CSO) | Marc Benet,(CRMO), MOWOOT

Constipation is a condition that is characterized by difficult, infrequent, or perceived incomplete evacuation of bowel movements many of us have experienced transiently. While it generally improves with a slight lifestyle change and maybe a single dose of over-the-counter laxatives, for 20% of the general population the symptoms are not short-lived, but chronic.

The most common causes for chronic constipation are:

  • neurogenic functional limitations due to spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc.
  • drug side effects (e.g. painkillers, antidepressants, diuretics etc.)
  • endocrine disorders
  • systemic diseases
  • other (idiopathic) disorders of the colonic passage

To address this issue people look for multiple cures. But for some people even after taking the required treatment they struggle with this condition. Hence, to combat chronic constipation, various companies have emerged to address this frustrating problem. With their modern approaches, intense research, and proven results these companies are striving to relieve people from their problems for good. These organisations are committed to develop the best treatments, desire to improve the overall quality of life of its patients.

One such company that is striving to deliver a solution for chronic constipation is MOWOOT, which claims to treat this problem with its natural, purely physical, non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution.


MOWOOT is a MedTech company that emerged out as one of the first Needs-Driven-Innovation Accelerators in Europe: designHealth Barcelona (MOEBIO). MOWOOT is the first non-drug, non-invasive solution to constipation and was designed in collaboration with a leading hospital for neuro-rehabilitation, Institut Guttmann (Barcelona).

After 2 months of clinical immersion at Institut Guttmann in 2014, with over 1000 patient interviews to detect unmet clinical needs, the multidisciplinary founding team of MOWOOT decided to address chronic constipation, due to its high prevalence, high impact on quality of life of the patients and a significant gap in existing solutions. In only 4 years of intense R&D the team developed and certified their solution, demonstrated positive clinical results and launched their product, which is now already recommended by specialists in important treatment guidelines for constipation.

Distinct Solutions

MOWOOT, is the first non-drug, non-invasive solution to chronic constipation applying I.C.E (intermittent colonic exo-peristaltic) therapy, a purely physical, physiological, non-invasive and non-pharmacological, to treat constipation.

Their current product “MOWOOT II Intestinal Transit Management System” consists of a desktop device and an exo-peristaltic belt and utilizes a novel pneumatic technology. It is composed of four actuators with real-time pressure-sensors that produce a wave-like expo-peristaltic effect to promote intestinal secretion and intestinal transit. This multi-stage, sequential, rhythmic stimulation of the ascending and descending colon is inspired by the proven manual colon massage. It is effective for slow intestinal transit in neurogenic disorders of the intestine. The company maintains its agile nature and stays on top of its competition by continuously evaluating the patients’ and markets’ feedback.

The Torchbearers

In these contemporary times, companies need leaders who are driven to take actions that normal people would hesitate. These initiators are people who take the responsibilities of their team and guide them when they need it the most. Dr. Markus Wilhelms, CEO of MOWOOT is one such individual who has been successfully leading the company to deliver better solutions for its patients. With his expertise in needs-driven business creation, Dr. Wilhelms also acts as a mentor in various needs-driven accelerator programs. He has actively helped to create over 20 businesses in the healthcare field.

Along with Dr. Wilhelms, the founders of MOWOOT also comprises three more multidisciplinary experts: Dr. Immaculada Herrero (CSO), who has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and is an expert in clinical studies. She has been successfully creating strategies, ensuring that the company keeps up and fulfils the demanding needs of the markets.

With a PhD in telecommunications and expertise in supply chain management, Dr. Angel Calzada (CTO) continuously finds innovative ways to improve the product. Marc Benet, (CRMO) holds an MSc in product design, is an expert in medical device quality management systems, and is also responsible for all regulatory expects regarding MOWOOT.

Views on the Industry

MOWOOT’s team believes that the future of health is digital. But at the same time, the transition towards digital healthcare has a different pace in every market. The team states that while many innovative products exist and have been gaining attention in the media, the biggest challenges are finding the correct fit into the healthcare systems. After the technical challenge of product development comes the challenge of implementing the products into the public reimbursement systems to benefit as many patients as possible.

While MOWOOT’s current device works as a stand-alone product, the company has developed a follow up IOT version of products which are waiting for the markets to be ready.

The Roadmap of the Future

MOWOOT aims to provide a large number of people with access to their solution. The med-tech company is rapidly growing in Europe and has a strong presence in Germany, the UK, and Spain. The company is also stepping its foot in the Scandinavian countries.

To facilitate access to its novel solution within every patient’s reach, MOWOOT has been developing strategies on getting public healthcare reimbursement and has had positive feedback from the authorities in various countries. The company is also planning to enter the US and Asia in the future, where there is a strong interest in its innovative solution. The company desires to keep on developing products that will eventually lead to the overall well-being of individuals and society.



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