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Business Automation Experts: Empowering Organizations to better Serve the World

Matt Lepkowski, Founder, Business Automation Experts
Matt Lepkowski | Founder | Business Automation Experts

Today’s healthcare industry needs to be equipped with modern technologies that manage their operations effectively. As scientific research and exploration have opened the doors for infinite possibilities, companies are investing heavily for the growth of organizations. Software solutions to protect patients’ privileged information, increase hospitals’ and health organizations’ efficiencies, building systems that could survive against unknown threats, are a few examples of these technological developments.

These advancements not only contribute to healthcare organizations’ success but are forging a path towards the comprehensive well-being of human society. One such company that is committed to helping organizations thrive and is remodeling the healthcare sphere with its diverse range of products and services is Business Automation Experts (BAE).

Founded in 2005, BAE focuses on the strategic use of technology to improve operational efficiencies and reduce system debt. The company provides consulting and support along with standard compliance audits to safeguard against misuse of information by unauthorized groups.

As a custom software solutions provider, it collaborates with Laserfiche, Seceon, Microsoft, and Intel Corporation to offer solutions that are well-designed and engineered for healthcare needs. The company empowers its clients and educates them in doing their job more effectively. This helps the clients to deliver desired results and quality service to patients.

The Ardent Leader

Developing and providing optimum services for the organizations which serve humanity requires passionate leaders who are passionate about finding approaches to resolve their diverse issues. These individuals with their diverse range of expertise constantly strive to create solutions that will help their clients in their endeavors. Matt Lepkowski, the founder of BAE is one such impeccable leader who, with his 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry has been developing solutions that cater to the many pitfalls faced by organizations.

Matt has developed an extensive range of skills that include information management, system troubleshooting, software implementation, process improvement, disaster recovery planning, management, and leadership.  He works closely with clients to understand the challenges they face and engages his team to seek out solutions that best balance comprehensive, quick deployment, and value accretive requirements.

Delivering Distinction

Healthcare organizations accumulate vast amounts of personal health information (PHI), making them a major target for cyber-criminals. As the frequency of cyberattacks is growing and new vulnerabilities to networks and computer systems are being discovered and exploited organizations are having to work harder to stay ahead.  Different types of attacks create different issues, often causing healthcare organizations to lose focus on patients. Even though there are many security tools available in the market, it’s a major challenge to keep up with the growing healthcare data volume.  Many organizations implement a defense in depth approach where they layer many technologies in the hope that one of those will be a silver bullet.  The added complexity of multiple systems and warning lights to monitor is detracting from an organization’s ability to focus on patients.  Healthcare organizations are looking for options that can provide faster detection and automate remediation of cyberattacks.

To safeguard from multiple cyberattacks, BAE often suggests Security Operations Center (SoC) in-a-box solutions personalized according to the client’s requirements. These solutions identify network behaviors that are unusual and responds with automated remediation actions in milliseconds.  Working with log data and network heuristics some systems are able to deliver a more comprehensive security posture without the complexity and costs related to defense in depth approaches.

To strengthen network security, BAE collaborated with Seceon; a threat detection and management company that visualizes, detects, and eliminates cyber threats in real-time. Seceon has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Machine Learning (ML) and developed an aiSIEM, a modern adaption to security information and event management (SIEM).

More recent developments with robotic process automation (RPA) are opening doors for organizations to reduce some of the mundane tasks and the integration costs of legacy applications.  Offerings from Laserfiche, a BAE partner, are helping address some of the data-intensive workloads that are frequent in healthcare environments.  When computers can become more of an assistant, instead of an impediment, to an overloaded clinical staff better patient outcomes follow.

In addition to security and automation enhancements, BAE works with clients to reduce System Debt by better aligning technology spend on strategic initiatives. Many legacy applications outlive their purpose and will be orphaned within an organization.  These legacy applications can be folded into other more strategic systems.  The legacy applications also add to the defense perimeter for an organization further complicating their mission to heal patients.  With reduced system debt, organizations can meet the growing needs of their industry.

A Unique Perspective

When asked about the industrial views, Mr. Lepkowski provided us with his valuable insights. He understands the industry challenges and has noted the transformational pressure due to improving operations that will become more acute.  There will be changes to payment models to focus on value verse the number of procedures performed.  Organizations are already positioning themselves for these new payment models, but their internal systems haven’t caught up with the demands of the new models.  According to him, healthcare as an industry is trying to balance several trends with expanded scientific knowledge, changing payment models, and larger digital footprints.

Positive developments within the healthcare industry will become possible with the help of patient monitoring, more compassionate care, advanced algorithms are driven by better data, and innovative systems to manage healthcare data (rebuilding the relationship between patient and provider). Further, he concluded the interview by saying, “This sector will continue to develop innovative solutions which will improve health outcomes.  While it isn’t a good time to be sick, it is a good age to be alive with many of the developments on the horizon.”



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