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75Health: Creating Innovative Information Management Products

Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, Co-founder & CEO, 75Health
Mr. Kumar Subramaniam | Co-founder | CEO | 75Health

Health is an important part of our life, as such the importance of maintaining the health records of patients is crucial. It wasn’t until the 1920s when medical practitioners realized the best way to continue improving was to carefully document observations. Hence, the American College of Surgeons (ACOS) took steps to standardize the growing number of medical records by establishing the American Association of Record Librarians (AARL).

The growing population and the advancement in computerized technology has presented an opportunity to enhance the process of documenting medical records. It gave birth to the Health Information Management System (HIM).

Since its introduction, HIM has positively impacted the healthcare industry. Today many companies are offering software solutions around HIM that remove the hurdles of managing information. 75Health is one such health IT services company that specializes in cloud-based products. It provides services such as electronic health records, medical billing systems, my health records, and other medical information management systems.

The Rise

75Health was founded in the year 2010 with an aim at enabling hospitals, doctors, and all medical professionals and health care organizations to run their practices more efficiently and easily. The company creates cloud-based EMR, EHR, MPMS, and other medical information systems that help clinics, doctors, hospitals, and individual practitioners. It leverages information technology in the most secure way to manage medical data, improving overall care quality.

75Health strives to come up with the best patient health care records/practice management systems that provide customizable, flexible, and virtual workspace to the modern medical fraternity.

Prominent Services

75Health is an exclusive healthcare technology service provider focusing on offering robust software solutions to clinicians and healthcare providers. It’s most extensively used products are 75Health EMR, 75Health EHR, and practice management system.

75Health’s products not only facilitate the seamless flow of critical information but also ensures enhancing the practitioners’ efficiency. From its clients’ perspective, the company ensures that all of its products make full use of resources and achieve required accuracy.

With reliable precision and timely access to patients’ medical information, 75Health’s products warrant paperless, error-free management of data. The company implements its products in a way that’s easy and less time-consuming. It has provided sophisticated features in its products along with scalability ensuring the possibility of future expansion and modification.

Staying at the Top

As the market leaders in providing health information technology, 75Health’s products fulfill the primary requirement. It helps healthcare providers to offer high care quality and safe care for their patients. It makes sure that its clients can achieve tangible benefits such as better management of medical data and increased productivity.

75Health’s products are designed in a way that its client’s financial and administrative process can be streamlined by improving revenues and reducing costs. With minimal resources, it facilitates hospitals and medical professionals to keep them abreast of the competition.

75Health implemented a policy to offer tailor-made solutions for its clients. The company’s products are HIPAA compliant and adhere to all essential industry standards. Its products provide an intuitive and comfortable interface rich with useful functionality and require little training efforts. By continuously evolving and being open to change, 75Health is able to stay ahead of the competition.

A Visionary Leader

The healthcare industry is thriving with ingenious minds who are ready to take up on challenges; Pioneers, who, with their innovative approach and a strong belief in their purpose want to transform the industry. Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, the cofounder and CEO of 75Health, envisioned the critical role of medical data and created the company to manage patients’ information and data efficiently.

Mr. Subramaniam, a product of the renowned P.S.G Institute of Technology has over three decades of exposure and experience in the IT environment. The idea to come up with an innovative medical information platform that enables providers to achieve the best care delivery was conceived in his mind.

“In our endeavor to render today’s medical facilities more efficient, we keep learning constantly. We attempt to discern the unique needs of global health care providers and incorporate the best practices in all of our products.” – says Mr. Subramaniam

Standing out from the Rest

According to 75Health, the database management systems has been found to play a significant role in the medical industry. The management of medical data enhances the efficacy and efficiency of the organization. Hence, it ensures to stay up-to-date with the changes and demands that occur in the industry. It achieves this by continually focusing on the developments and trends in the medical industry:

  • Information Governance

75Health incorporates necessary changes in its products concerning HIM. It integrates them by implementing the controls, policies, and structures that ensure an organization’s data assets are appropriately handled.

  • Privacy & Security

It has devised strategies to ensure data security against all potential threats.

  • Interoperability

The company has been making efforts to ease the transferring and sharing of data among stakeholders by implementing interoperable systems.

Innovating the Future

75Health plans to create health information management system products that are tailored to the specific requirements of different users, such as private practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and multi-speciality medical organizations. It focuses on rolling out user-friendly, accurate, and client-centered products at affordable pricing.

75Health is creating technologies related to lab order integration and e-prescription integration. This supposedly will benefit the radiology and imaging centers, pharmacies, and health care providers across the globe.

75Health expects to become more spherical and holistic in focus by verifying data integrity and security. It expects to expand into futuristic health care information technologies such as transaction and reporting systems, automated alerts, and integrated data streams.



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