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M-Sense: Eliminating Chronic Headaches in An Innovative Way

Dr. Florian Koerber, CEO, Dr. Markus Dahlem, CSO, M-Sense
Dr. Florian Koerber | CEO, Dr. Markus Dahlem | CSO, M-Sense

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, headache is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world. About 12 to 15% of the world population suffers from migraine leading to about one billion patients globally, including 50 million in the DACH region and the US. These statistics alone depicts the migraine’s severity and the impact it can have on individuals’ well-being.

Treatment options are far less when compared to the suffering population and access to migraine specialists is extremely limited to most. To deal with such issues, a company name M-Sense has taken an  initiative to create a world without headaches. An organization  that chooses to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of migraine care, first within Germany, and later across the world.

An Insight

M-sense is the world’s first certified medical app company that optimizes care delivery by digitalizing the patient’s journeys. It offers patients an optimized disease management as well as preventative and acute personalized digital treatments.

Its values ‘Impact’ and ‘Love for Science’ guide the M-Sense team in their three-pronged approach. The company wants users to subscribe to M-Sense as the app will help them actively reduce their migraine, headache days and medications resulting in regaining the quality of life.

The medical app company claims healthcare professionals will recommend the use of M-Sense because of its trustworthiness, reliable patient data and increased compliance of their patients. For the company, the responsible use of data for research purposes and the advancement of research into migraine and headache disorder is important. Thus,  it believes the life science industry may benefit from the app as a monitoring tool in non-interventional studies as well as long-term through potential drug and device combinations.

Prominent Products and Services

Being the first CE-certified medical app in the market, it offers an in-app therapy program based on the analysis of personal triggers for its users. M-Sense wants to improve the standard of care and raise the effectiveness to deal with chronic migraine while reducing the overall costs for these patients.

The app provides its users with a headache diary, trigger analysis and personalized education. Additionally, it recommends effective relaxation practices along with motivating training modules to prevent pain attacks.  Along with these, drug-free is also an important function of the app.

All of M-Sense’s features are based on strong medical evidence i.e., Diary and analysis help to find and manage personal triggers and understand individual migraine patterns.  Its in-app behavioral therapy module increases adherence and follows guidelines from the German society for neurology (DGN).

M-Sense uses education, relaxation and training to prevent attacks via lifestyle changes, stress reduction and a personalized workout plan. Furthermore, the app enables its users (and their in charge physicians) to get a reliable overview of their headaches. It results in improving diagnosis, monitor medication to prevent its overuse, facilitate patient-to-doctor communication, and focus on effective treatment.

Leaders with Smart Approaches

Having a vision and taking required actions to make it a reality requires leaders who are devoted to it. These visionaries are driven to improve the individual lives of society members even though the odds are not always in their favor. We at Insights Care see it as our privilege to introduce you to CSO, Dr. Markus Dahlem and CEO, Dr. Florian Koerber the innovative minds behind M-Sense success. Together with Simon Scholler, Chief Data Officer and Martin Lysk, Chief Technology Officer , Dr. Dahlem founded the company in 2015.

Dr. Dahlem is a theoretical physicist turned migraine researcher, who discovered the need for the treatments after spending years of research on theoretical aspects. He decided to apply his research and created M-Sense for people to deal with this chronic illness effectively.

In October 2018, sharing the same ideals of M-Sense, Dr. Koerber, then health economist joined the team. His expertise lies in innovation in the healthcare sector. To him, digitalization is a big chance to share the healthcare sector’s limited resources more efficiently.

What Sets M-Sense Apart?

M-Sense value proposition is based on strong scientific expertise and experience. Next to Dr. Dahlem, more than half of the team have a medical and scientific background. Additionally, the company works closely with physicians and headache specialists to tailor M-Sense to its customers’ needs.

The company focuses on treatment applications, user experience and high-quality data. Preventative and acute treatments in the app are custom-tailored, based on the patient data in its backend. Since the company has developed its own coding language, medical staff can directly input medical content into the app. This way, its chatbot is able to fall back on a myriad of topics that allow a high degree of personalization that cannot be found in any competing apps.

Future Endeavors

In the near future, the company plans to introduce the medical app in standard care within Germany. As the implementation of the law progresses, M-Sense will focus on the German market and concentrate on creating more medical evidence. It will help the company prove its medical effectiveness and ability to reduce the long-term costs. Furthermore, it plans on a series of clinical studies to reinforce and prove the effectiveness of the M-Sense app.

Though its current focus is set on the EU, the company envisions acquiring a strong foothold in the USA and Canada. Ultimately, the company envisions a society where people would stop worrying about the next migraine attack and live a quality of life they have always wished for.



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