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Multi-Specialty Hospitals Leading the Indian Healthcare Landscape

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Having adopted new technologies, hospitals are now providing patients with therapies, surgeries, and treatment that were not possible before. Treatment has also become more streamlined and cost-effective. Enlisted below are some of the most advanced and compassionate hospitals who have transformed the healthcare space for the betterment of the masses.

In this issue, we have specially featured Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Centre under the name “Success Safari”. It offers complete diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for all cancers and has been contributing to cancer treatment relentlessly.

The edition encompasses the stories of several leading hospitals and their products and services. These include, SaiSanjeevini Hospitals, which provides innovative medical care in a friendly, compassionate, community environment that is conducive to patient recuperation in a family atmosphere; Siddhanta Redcross Superspeciality Hospital, known for providing quality healthcare services at affordable price to all the segments of society; Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital that is an embodiment of compassionate care and of helping and healing in a holistic manner; Lourdes Hospital, a premier multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital; Prasad Hospitals providing advanced and affordable infertility, gynecology, orthopedic, general medicine, and critical care services to the masses; Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, a multi super-specialty hospital bridging the gap between quality and affordability in healthcare; Medanta The Medicity; Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Pvt. Ltd.;  and Accord SDH Hospital.

Apart from this, we bring to you the exclusive interviews with the high-regarded leaders of the industry, Dr. BS Ajaikumar, the Chairman and CEO of Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd., and Dr. Naveen Thomas, the CEO of Bangalore Baptist Hospital.

Additionally, this issue also includes a few interesting in-house articles from our creative editors.

So, flip through the pages and enjoy a good read!



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