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Nasra Mohamed: Thriving With an Innovative Perspective towards Mental Health

Nasra Mohamed
Nasra Mohamed

“Wellness” is the right balance between the physical and mental well-being of humans. Mental health is a crucial factor that determines the state of mind and has an impact on an individual’s performance. It is also a strong determinant that decides the work-life balance of an employee, resulting in a positive organizational culture.

According to recent survey reports, it has been observed that one out of two employees suffers from stress that affects both their work and their home. With the emerging wave of mental health in the younger generations, it happens to be a concern in the corporate sector as well.

Looking at the figures and the way that impacts work, mental health consultants and counselors are the ones who make it their mission to improve the mental well-being of the employees and thereby help establish a stable work-life balance. All of the above have a major impact on the workflow as well as the environment of the company.

With an empathetic mindset, Nasra Mohamed thrives with her passion-driven approach to bridging the gap between the mental health of employees and the overall performance of the company.

Nasra gives one-on-one talk therapy accompanied by life coaching about mental health and helps people deal with major life crises in their personal lives and gives assistance to maintain a steady work-life balance and minimize everyday stress in the corporate sector. Currently, she is working as a Wellbeing Consultant at a global digital-based counseling service under the name, Fruition.

Let’s peek into her interview with Insights Care below.

While attempting to initiate the conversation further, when asked about the inspiration that brought her into the consulting section, she said, I wanted to have an impact on people, and as a mental health practitioner, I have seen the need for mental health awareness for employees.”

The way the corporate sector works, she mentions, Corporates lack the awareness of how crucial it is to put the wellness of their employees at the forefront.”

She further emphasizes how the well-being of the employee largely impacts achieving a better work-life balance. “When worker’s well-being is taken seriously, then employees will work better, and it’s a win for both parties.”

Path Towards Wellness

While addressing her professional journey, she states, “I am a counseling psychologist, project manager, and an employee mental health consultant. I have always loved working with people, and wellness has been my biggest interest.”

When we take care of our mind, body, and spirit, we become fully functioning. She further quotes Carl Rogers, “People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be.”

While sharing insights from her counseling sessions, during one-on-one counseling sessions, she observed that most of her clients were suffering from stress because of their jobs. And that would further spill over to their lives at home and cause conflict in both their homes, causing their family lives to be disrupted. People spend most of their time at their workplace. Therefore, it’s inevitable to fix a toxic organizational culture.

Narsa further adds to the start of her professional career. She aims to try and bridge that gap between corporations and their employees and build a functional and safe workplace for all.

Highlights of Fruition

Talking about Fruition and its core strengths, Narsa says, “Our core value is that mental health should be easily accessible to everyone and anyone. The workplace should take an employee’s mental state seriously and they should set aside funds to cater to that.”

Additionally, while sharing the mission, “Our mission is to accelerate the corporate world’s transition to a positive organizational culture.”

Offerings of Fruition

When asked about her way of tackling the issues raised by the employee about the organization, she mentions, “As a corporate mental wellness consultant, my role at the firm is to provide training to organizations on how to identify mental health issues in their workers and teach conflict resolution and communication skills to both managers and employees. This is done through training in individual analytics.” This helps management to give roles that befit certain personality traits.

Marital Consulting on the Rise

Upon making her new venture into a pre-marital counseling initiative and the way it would impact her clients, diving deep into the process and how things in the process of consulting a couple, “You cannot drive a car unless you learn to drive, and this same notion works for everything else in life.”

She mentions the fundamentals of life that are also implied in counseling. She adds “You get training for a particular role to get the skills to help you be efficient. This is exactly how a marriage should be approached. You must learn about the institution.”

“It entails how to deal with your new partner, whom you’ve taken an oath to love and honor,” she says as she dives into the department. It could be tough as there are two very different individuals. “It is bound to have some clashes, and it is equally important to learn communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and financial literacy, among many other facets of the institution of marriage.”

Tech Advances in the Workflow of Corporates

Speaking about the technological advances in the corporate world,

“I advocate for mental health and well-being all the time, which is my number one priority.”

With the emerging influence of social media in our lives, [Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook] have proven quite effective with this kind of awareness. It has enabled me to connect with different people all over the world who have the same goals and run the same advocacy as her.

To facilitate better assistance to her clients, she uses WhatsApp group chat to organize free webinars and further conducts them via Zoom about different psychological topics that affect women and how to overcome them effectively.

Narsa’s initiative has resulted in many women, stay-at-home moms, working moms, and many others in her group, taking charge of their well-being by seeking help through mental health professionals for counseling, or hiring coaches to help them move from any stagnation that they might have encountered in their lives.

Pitfalls Along the Way

Generally, when clients hire me to train organizations in the mental health wellness department, “I get a lot of negativity from management because they first think that they are not doing well at their work.” and concludes by saying, “That’s why I am there.”

Delving into her consulting arena, she mentions it, saying, “After I commence with the individual analytics, soon enough they understand that it is about them and not the corporation at large.”

Communicating with empathy with people has helped her navigate this challenge. Stating an affirmative, she sums up her way of imbibing the importance of mental health.

She further adds, “Essentially, wellness is about people and their successes.”

Leadership Cues 

While mentioning leadership, Narsa expresses her thoughts and beliefs on everything that ultimately relates to life. She states, “Consulting is hard to get into, but it’s doable, as is everything in life. Take advantage of social media. It is a very powerful tool to use.”

She enhances the motive to keep learning, exploring life, and having a learning attitude toward every aspect of life. She broadens the thought by saying, “Learn skills that will help you succeed in life. For instance, if you struggle with writing, you must learn writing skills. Learn about emotional intelligence as this will help you understand and manage emotions.”

You’ll be dealing with people, so it’s important to learn how to deal with different personalities.” Lastly, she mentions, “Believe in yourself, don’t be shy about learning from others, and most importantly, provide quality work. People pay for the value of your work, not your time.”

Envisioning a Mentally Healthy Future

Nasra says that “I want to add value to the business by involving a generalist approach to consulting.” This will help the firm to draw from different experiences across different stakeholders to come up with creative solutions to problems.



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