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New AI Heart Scan can Detect Blockages before Symptoms Appear


A coronary artery scan powered by AI created by Fountain Life can forecast the likelihood of a heart attack years before any symptoms show up. After injecting dye into the vein, the outpatient procedure includes a short CAT scan of the heart.

The scan analyses the types and levels of plaque using AI technology, giving important information on heart health. In conjunction with doctors, Fountain Life intends to increase the availability of their non-invasive approach to treat heart disease.

The company’s proactive healthcare strategy emphasises chronic disease early identification and prevention. To increase accuracy, the AI model is trained on a large dataset that includes asymptomatic diseases.

Additionally, Fountain Life provides a full-body MRI that employs AI technology to find anomalies like cancer and neurodegenerative illnesses. Cardiologists are aware of the potential of AI in early identification and treatment selection.

Patients who had the AI coronary artery scan were appreciative of its potential to save lives. The business wants to improve cardiologists’ abilities by using AI as a tool.

Despite potential issues with clinical delay and payment structures, Fountain Life is optimistic about AI’s potential to enhance results by tackling health issues at their source.

The AI artery scan carries a negligible risk because it only exposes the patient to low-dose radiation, similar to that of a transatlantic flight. By enabling individuals to live long, healthy lives through early problem detection and cost-effective reversals, Fountain Life aims to reduce expenses and enhance results.

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