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New Coronavirus Cluster in Beijing, Half A Million in Lockdown


Coronavirus cluster in Beijing

In order to avoid a fresh coronavirus outbreak, on Sunday, China placed a strict lockdown on nearly half a million people near the capital, with authorities warning that the latest cluster of cases would soon relax.

Hundreds have been infected in Beijing and cases have occurred in the neighboring Hebei Province after China had largely brought the virus under control.

Sunday, health officials reported that ‘fully enclosed and controlled’ is going to be in Anxin county – some 90 miles from Beijing. The same strict action had taken earlier this year at the heights of the pandemic in Wuhan City.

Now, only one person from each family can go out once a day to buy food and medicine, said the County Epidemic Task Force in a statement.

The notice said that previously the county had some travel limitations, but now people can only leave their homes for medical care.

The move comes after another 14 cases of the virus were reported in the past 24 hours in Beijing, taking the total to 311 since mid-June.

The outbreak was first detected in Beijing’s sprawling Xinfadi wholesale food market, which supplies much of the city’s fresh produce and sparked concerns over the safety of the food supply chain.

The capital has mass-tested wholesale market workers, restaurant workers, residents of medium and high-risk neighborhoods and delivery couriers over the past week.

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