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New study reveals, Long COVID is linked to higher mortality rates and long-term heart problems


Three years into the pandemic, just when we thought the impact of COVID-19 was diminishing, new research has shed more light on the virus’s long-term effects.


According to a new study that was published in JAMA Health Forum, individuals who have previously contracted COVID-19 may have increased risks of heart and pulmonary conditions, as well as a doubled risk of death.

The study looked at data from insurance claims for 13,435 adults who had long-term COVID and 26,870 people who didn’t have the virus over a 12-month period. The study took into account any conditions that had existed before the infection.

It was discovered that the mortality rate of the group with long COVID was higher than that of the group without it. Particularly, compared to only 1.2% of those who had not contracted the virus, 2.8% of those with long-term COVID had passed away.

In addition, the study identifies fatigue, headache, and attention deficit disorder as the most common symptoms that individuals with long COVID experience.

End Note

“The most important takeaway is that long-term COVID is a health condition that needs to be studied and taken seriously in the future.” According to Dr. Andrea DeVries, the study’s lead author and Staff Vice President for Health Services Research at Elevance Health.

“The study found that people who were diagnosed with long COVID were 3.64 times more likely to have a pulmonary embolism and more than twice as likely to require medical attention for cardiovascular events. She added, “This study found that long-term COVID could have long-lasting effects on quality of life.”

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