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Novavax expects it can meet U.S. COVID-19 vaccine demand in 2021

Novavax expects it can meet U.S. COVID-19 vaccine demand in 2021

Novavax COVID-19 vaccine

The production capacities of Novavax Inc are adequate in 2021, which it claims may be as high as 500 to 600 million doses, to satisfy American demand for COVID-19 vaccines, the company executives said on Monday.

According to initial results from a limited early-stage clinical trial, Novavax confirmed last week that its experimental covid-19 vaccine developed strong antibodies against the new coronavirus.

In early 2021, Novavax anticipates that its vaccine will start producing massive quantities and will generate well over 2 billion doses of its vaccine annually after the authorities have approved the use of the vaccine.

From its early-stage testing of its vaccine candidate, Novavax is still awaiting the US Food and Drug Administration for approval, but is planning to initiate a comprehensive Phase III test as early as the end of September.

Gregory Glenn, Head of Research at Novavax, reported last week that the late-stage clinical trial could potentially gather enough evidence for regulatory approvals by December.

NVX-CoV2373, a Maryland-based Novavax candidate, confirmed that after two dosages in healthy volunteers, antibodies were developing with higher rates than in recovering COVID-19 patients, and the vaccine was generally well tolerated.

U.S. funding under Operation Warp Speed is given to Novavax vaccination, which is intended to speed up access to vaccines and treatments. In July, in order to finance testing and distributing the vaccines, the US government offered to pay Novax $1.6 billion to help provide 100 million dose coverage by January 2021.



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