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OoWomaniya: Revolutionizing & Offering a Comprehensive Health Solutions for Women

Krutika Katrat | Co-founder & CAO | Sneh Bhavsar | Co-founder & CEO | OoWomaniya | Health Solutions for Women | Insights Care

Women health has been neglected for a long time now. In spite of being the nurturing hand of the home and family, this problem has persisted for decades. OoWomaniya is a platform developed with the notion to provide women a chance to share and read about issues in “An anonymous and non-judgmental environment.”

Established by Sneh Bhavsar (Co-Founder & CEO) and Krutika Katrat (Co-Founder & CAO), the company is providing comprehensive healthcare information to women, and creating a revolution in the way women access this information. More than 7000 women have received help from doctors via online consultation and workshops, through OoWomaniya’s Health and Wellness Network.

  1. What is OoWomaniya? What’s the idea and concept behind your startup?

OoWomaniya is an online community exclusively for women to access information, services and expert consultations on their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. OoWomaniya was incepted with an idea to let women share their issues anonymously in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The platform on web and mobile evolved over the period to create a strong, trustworthy forum over 4 years for women to access credible information and services regarding their health and wellness.

2.      Who are the faces behind this startup?

Sneh Bhavsar, 34, Co-Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)— Sneh pursued his graduation in Information Systems Management from University of London an worked in the IT industry for over 7 years before he plunged into staring his own business. Sneh has 12+ years of experience in IT and ITeS working with technologies, business analysis, process design, product planning, product design, management and recruitment. He is a member of Global Shapers Community, an initiative by the World Economic Forum and leads several initiatives personally and professionally.

Krutika Katrat, 28, Co-Founder & CAO (Chief Acquisition Officer)— She has pursued her M. TECH (Integrated) in Biotechnology from Pune and has pursued internships and projects while being a student at Zydus Research Centre, Zydus Manufacturing unit and Cadila’s Plant Tissue culture lab. She has worked as a research trainee in a DBT/DST project at ACTREC, Tata Memorial Centre, Navi Mumbai in the field of cancer biology and structural biochemistry before taking a plunge into entrepreneurship.

3.      How have they helped build up this platform?

Sneh and Krutika started OoWomaniya together with an intention to work in preventive healthcare combining their expertise. Sneh has contributed largely toward the product, technology and design of the platform along with managing the strategy of marketing, planning and acquisition of resources. Krutika’s background in clinical research brings a lot of expertise in healthcare content and also acquiring the experts/doctors to contribute in building the repository. She engages with the community and looks after the business development.

4.      How did you start OoWomaniya? What was the motivation behind starting this company?

As we were extremely concerned about the healthcare systems and how we can use the technology to create an intervention – we conducted a few workshops with the community. These workshops were the starting point for our research and we built a prototype on web to receive stories from women about their day-to-day issues.

We found women’s health issues getting ignored significantly and major factors include social and cultural practices in India. Realizing it to be a long battle – we started with the venting platform for women to share their physical and emotional health issues. Feedback from women was a huge motivation to pursue the idea further and create a query to cure solution for the Indian women.

5.      The name is quite interesting. Why did you name it OoWomaniya?

This name is inspired by one of the songs in a regional language where Womaniya means a woman who is independent and takes her own decisions. That is at the core of women’s well-being.

6.      How OoWomaniya is different than other websites in the same domain? What makes OoWomaniya standout amongst the rest?

OoWomaniya is the only platform which is exclusively focused on women’s over all health and well-being. It doesn’t encourage the market driven ideas of beauty, image and persona for women. OoWomaniya focuses on core healthiness, emotional wellness and freedom of choice for women. OoWomaniya also attempts to eradicate the myths and taboos around social and cultural practices which affect women’s well-being.

7.      Establishing a startup is no piece of cake. What amount of time and money did you invest in this venture?

We have been working on our startup for more than 4 years now. We had our share of struggles with the subject, with the perception towards women’s health and also sustaining the venture as a business. However, we were extremely confident about the problem and the solutions we created – we struggled to monetize the idea for some time. With several ups and downs, and finally pivoting to the community platform – we raised an angel round in 2016 and also won a couple of grants.

8.      How do you think this venture has revolutionized the way a woman approaches doctors?

Online consultation is not a new concept but it is important to create an ecosystem around it in order to make the women feel safer, secure and non-judgmental. Also, women’s health issues are evolving rapidly due to the lifestyle and food and hence it is also essential that this ecosystem also educates them primarily about the issues they might be facing. OoWomaniya empowers women with the information on health issues and resources to take informed decisions about their well-being.

  1. What’s your future plan?

Our web and mobile platforms are revamped and our immediate goals is to reach out. We will be acquiring more users in coming months, expand the community across India and add more features and solutions related to women’s well-being in center.

  1. What is entrepreneurship according to you? What advice would you give the budding entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur is more than building a product and doing sales and marketing. It requires you to learn every day from your own business and being alert about the opportunities of innovation, collaboration and growth. Revenues are as important as the valuation and hence – focus on sustaining the business through sizable revenue can be the best possible strategy to succeed.



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